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Attack outside the Houses of Parliament in London

Four are dead and at least 20 wounded on Wednesday close to Britain’s Houses of Parliament in what police said they were treating as a terrorist incident.

Reuters reporters inside the building heard loud bangs and shortly afterwards a Reuters photographer said he saw at least a dozen people injured on Westminster Bridge, next to parliament.

His photographs showed people lying on the ground, some of them bleeding heavily and one apparently under a bus. The number of casualties was unclear.

“Officers – including firearms officers – remain on the scene and we are treating this as a terrorist incident until we know otherwise,” London’s Metropolitan Police said in a statement.

The House of Commons, which was in session at the time, was immediately suspended and lawmakers were asked to stay inside.
Prime Minister Theresa May was safe after the incident, a spokesman for her office said. He declined to say where May was when the attack took place.

The leader of the House, David Lidington, said in the chamber that an assailant who stabbed a policeman had been shot by police.
An ambulance helicopter landed on Parliament Square, just outside the building.

The BBC said police believed there was a suspect vehicle outside parliament but police did not immediately confirm that report. (REUTERS)

(Photos: Stefan Rousseau/PA via AP, Toby Melville /Reuters, Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP, Stefan Wermuth/Reuters, Toby Melville /Reuters, Stefan Rousseau/PA via AP)

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What's the lettuce thing about?

Alright, so. Get ready for weirdness, because Egyptian mythology has a lot of that.

One of the most prominent and foundational myths of ancient Egypt is how the god Osiris was killed and dismembered by his brother Set (in some accounts, after an affair with Set’s sister-wife, Nepthys, who then gave birth to Anubis), put back together by his sister-wife Isis, then made the god of the afterlife. When she was piecing her husband back together, she found all but one of the fourteen chunks of him that had been scattered across Egypt by an enraged Set. That chunk would be his penis. But never fear, for Isis is the goddess of fertility, so she made her husband a new one out of wood (thus explaining why embalmers would make false ones for the actual dead). So completed, she rode him and became impregnated with a son, Horus (the Falcon, not to be confused with Horus the Elder, the Hawk, who was these four’s presumably-long-suffering brother). Osiris then went off to be ruler of the dead somewhere in the vicinity of the stars we call Orion, leaving the question of who was to rule the land of the living - his elder brother and semi-justified murderer Set, or his legitimate yet posthumous  son Horus?

This brings us to The Contendings of Horus and Set, which is ostensibly an epic battle of order vs chaos, but mostly involves a lot of letter-writing and whinging back and forth between the gods because some liked Horus (who was the last king’s son and generally a guy who liked order and not usually killer [except that one time when Isis got too involved and actually wounded Set herself which Horus was not about for some reason and so decapitated her] ) and some liked Set (who was powerful and experienced and had good relations with foreign powers [being that he was the god in charge of them] and had proven himself to be a great protector to Ra against Actual Evil God Apophis and his night demons and whatnot). There were a lot of pointless squabbles between the two involving weird god things like who could hippopotamus better or build ships out of stone (spoiler alert: Set actually built his ship from the top of a goddamn mountain and managed to make it float long enough to get halfway down the river, Horus just made his from pine when no one was looking and just plastered the thing to look like stone. Who was the better dude in that one? You decide.). One time Horus got his eye ripped out and Set lost his testicles - an incident which involved what is probably the oldest recorded pick-up line in history: “How lovely your backside is. How broad your thighs.“ Smooth, uncle Set. Smooth.

Anyway, after eighty years of this the supreme god version of Ra got tired of their shenanigans and told them to lay off for at least one night, for all of their sakes. Set looks at Horus and goes, “Yeah let’s do this thing. Party, my house, tonight.” Horus looks at Set and thinks, “Seems legit.”

So they go party at Set’s house. Just them and the servants and lots of honey and beer and the single bed made up all nice just for them. Halfway through the night, Set rolls over and puts his dick between Horus’ thighs. (Er, depending on the time period you’re reading the myth from, this act is either consensual or not. It mostly depends on how vilified Set is by whichever cult’s in power at the time. In any case, Horus is awake and unrestrained for this.) Horus catches the semen in his hands, and when he gets home in the morning shows his mother. Who promptly freaks out, cuts his hands off to toss into the Nile, fashions him new hands of clay, and then jacks her son off into a pot.

I could not make this up.

This is where The Lettuce Thing comes in. The lettuce species that the ancient Egyptians had was a long, hard stalk that secreted a white, milky substance when cracked and squeezed. So you can see where they would get the idea that it was a phallic aphrodisiac. Well, it so happens that when Isis went to Set’s house, she found out from his gardener that Set loved eating lettuce every day. You know where this is going. Now, I’d like to point out that she didn’t just randomly overhear this and got a wicked idea. No. No, she went and asked outright what Set’s favourite food was, because she was gonna give Set a taste of his own (or well, her son’s) medicine no matter what.

Fast forward to the next court session, and Set - being the asshole that we know and love - decides to announce to the room at large that he should get the throne, because he totally tops. Well, being that ancient Egypt was a highly patriarchal society it - like most ancient cultures - looked down on the receivers in male-male relationships. But while everyone’s boo-hissing at Horus, he just calmly requests a Magical Pregnancy Test for both his and Set’s semen. They do it, and Set’s shows up somewhere in the river (wherever Horus’ old hands are), which perplexes Set and somehow doesn’t phase anyone else. Then they test Set, and lo and behold Horus’ seed reacts from within him!

In very old versions of the myth, this is where the god Thoth is born from Set’s forehead. In others, it’s Thoth performing the test and so the semen emerges in the form of golden disc, which Thoth promptly takes and puts on his own head as a crown. *shrug* Egyptian mythology is a weird case where a jillion different cults formed, then came together, then fought/reformed/vilified/reconciled/destroyed/assimilated one another over millennia, so the origins and motives are a bit wonky. Thoth is one of those deities that had been worshiped before writing was even a thing [although writing became his Thing], and so has many conflicting origin stories - mostly he just seems to appear at some point due to the power of his own voice. I like to think that, since he is also a master of Time, that Thoth may have actually created Himself in that instance, but his presence got spread out through time - back far enough into the beginning that he could trick the moon into giving up five extra non-month days each year, so that Nut could birth his parent-grandparents without repercussion.

But I’m getting ahead (behind?) myself. The point is, now all the gods think their Powerful Guy Set is a big fat bottom, which ~a king shouldn’t be~ and Set is all butthurt about his trick backfiring on him. He sulks off to the river, where he issues the stone boat challenge mentioned earlier but then his boat sinks and he rips up part of Horus’ and realizes that it’s just disguised wood, and it looks like the shenanigans will continue until someone gets the bright idea to just fucking write to the dead king about what his wishes were (apparently it’s Thoth who suggests this, which is why I buy the myth that this is when he was born, since why did no one else - even Isis who resurrected the guy - think of that? Finally, a god of Sense!). Osiris sends them a letter back to the effect of “What the fuck do you think my wishes are. If my son isn’t instated, my next gift basket will be an army of zombies, I swear to myself.”

The council is convinced.

Set’s put in chains and brought before them by a gloating Isis, but he cedes with as much grace as he has left. In most versions of the myth, he’s set free and reinstated as Ra’s bodyguard to thunder away happily in the desert, and in a few later ones (basically after Lower Egypt takes over Upper Egypt) he’s punished somehow, like being taken to the north and bound there by his other wife (in something rather similar to Loki’s fate with Sigyn). In some, he and Horus reconcile and even bless pharaohs together, tying their lotus and reed together around the living king as a symbol of unity and strength between Upper and Lower Egypt.

And that, dear Anon-chan, is The Ancient Egyptian Lettuce Thing.

100 Days of Trump Day 64: Fallout New Vegas

Edit: Of all the 100 Days of Trump i’ve done, this one has gotten the most response, I suspect because most Alt Rightists haven’t heard of anything I reference except Fallout New Vegas.  Also they keep saying its bullshit but can’t actually point to any specific fact to dispute because you know…morons 

Welcome Back to 100 Days of Trump, where I try to explain WTF happened in 2016 through 100 works of fiction, and I think we haven’t had quite enough video games in the last three days, lets talk fallout.  Now the Fallout series has a lot of depth, good characters, fun gameplay and interesting ideas so generally I recommend all of it….except Fallout 3….and Fallout 4….and Brotherhood of Steel…..Ok really just the first two games and this one, but the point is only New Vegas is really relevant to Trump, but play the first two if you like classic RPGs.

     So everybody knows that Fallout is a post nuclear world, but the premise of the…good games is that society collapsed…..nothing really changed.  People are exactly the same just with less fancy houses and and the sins of the Old World continue on to the future.  So ok, sounds like post Great Recession America, how is this about Trump?  Well FallOut New Vegas is about the player being trapped between three factions

 Caesar’s Legion, a violent reactionary sexist, racist, right wing militant extremist group who advocate racial supremacy, and a return to an idealized past that never existed.

The New Californian Republic, A bunch of corrupt moderates who couch their language in the ideals of democracy and progressive ideals but are duplicitous, warmongering, and have become increasingly sexist, racist, classist, and undemocratic but look good compared to the first group.

Mr. House, a completely amoral rich plutocrat whose utter selfishness and open hostility to submitting to any form of control are mixed with surprisingly progressive social policies and honest look at the problems.

    So New Vegas is an alternate universe if Bloomberg actually ran third party, and Trump wasn’t a complete idiot. 

Today though, I want to focus on Caesar’s Legion.  One of the themes of New Vegas is even though the US has been wiped out, everybody is clinging to symbols of the past, clinging to them out of context and justifying their actions by claiming continuity with the past.  The NCR claims to literally be the US goverment despite a century long gap between the fall of the US and the NCR’s founding, or the fact that it doesn’t use our constitution, or the fact that it is only located in California.  And its desire to seize control of all the American land means it prioritizes war over its citizen’s well being (stop me if this sounds familiar).  Mr. House is determined to preserve the culture of Las Vegas, or rather the way we imagine Las Vegas, with all of the actual realities of Vegas culture removed, its the city center without the city around it, forcibly preserved by an immortal dictator.  All the factions try to link themselves to a mystical past (a past we know is utterly whitewashed cause its our present), but the worst of them all, is Caesar’s Legion

    See, Edward Sallow was a history nut of the old world when he read about the Roman Empire, and sought to recreate it anew in post apocalyptic Nevada, arguing that since Rome is the foundation of Western Civilization, a return to true Western Greatness.  Wherever they go, they bring cultural purity, slavery, Roman era gender relations, and require absolute conformity to their way of life.  According to Caesar

“Pax Romana=It means a nationalist, imperialist, totalitarian, homo genius culture that obliterates the identity of every group it conquers.  Long term stability at all costs.  The individual has no value beyond his utility to the state, whether as an instrument of war or production”

But here is the thing, speaking as a big roman history nut…..THAT ISN’T TRUE.  Pax Romonus means “Roman Peace” and means just that, peace.  Rome was an Imperialistic, slave owning, genocidal empire that could be extraordinarily brutal, but guess what?  It wasn’t nationalistic, the Roman Empire was always borrowing ideas from other cultured cultures in order to improve their empire, it was extremely multicultural and interventionist.   I mean

   The Roman Navy was Carthaginian 

   The Roman Gods were Greek 

    Later they converted to a monotheistic Sect from Judea

    For a while they worshiped a Syrian god named Sol Invictus 

   Most of the Elites Spoke Greek

   The Roman Legionary Structure was influenced by the neighboring Samnites

   The roman Calvary was almost always Gallic, North Africa, German or Syria

    Trajan and Hadrien were Spanish

   The Severun dynasty was North African/Syrian (and btw the dynasty that most resembled New Vegas)

    The Ilyrian Emperors who saved rome from the Crisis of the Third Century AD, like Aurelian, Diocletion, Claudius Gothicus) were from the Balkans

  Constantine was Balkan/British

   Flavius Aetius (who defeated Atilla the Hun) was Scythian 

   Justinian and Belisarius weren’t Latin Roman

   Hell after a certain point, almost none of the Emperors are Roman any more, instead they are German, or Hunnic, Syrian or Raba, Spanish or African, Gaulic or Balkan, non Roman Italian, 

  In fact, one of the main reasons why Western Roman Empire fell is that it didn’t allow the various Gothic/Germanic strongmen to become Emperor in their own RIght.

    Rome was never a homogeneous unchanging culture, from Romulus to Constantine XI Roman is defined by its capacity to change and adapt, and its multi cultural empire gave it a lot of ideas to draw upon.  And when you look at White Nationalists today who fetishist Rome, it is a rome they don’t understand.    By the Way, that Hegelian view of history, that is believed by Steave Bannon. 

   Also…the transformation to dictatorship doesn’t go as Caesar claims, cause guess what?  Julius Caesar didn’t invade a foreign nation to become Emperor, he had a civil war with his own country.  And Augustus Caesar took pains to ensure that his Empire was a soft and nonthreatening as possible, the more authoritarian emperors like Septimius Severus were terrible rulers whose regimes fell into civil war and chaos.  

Also The Julians didn’t claim to be “Son of Mars” they claimed to be descended from Venus Goddess of Love, hence her role in the Aeneid.  

This is the foundation of the Roman Imperium, the Goddess of Love     

     Also Rome didn’t emerge out of a harsh brutal land to fight against the weak fat settled people, Rome emerged in Central Italy, a lush fertile climate.  Hell according to legend, Rome was founded by the refuse and exiles from all the surrounding societies, who came to Rome for a second chance and married Sabine women.  Honestly Caesar (the in game Caesar no real life, Julius Caesar) seems to be confusing Rome with Sparta, and which of those two civilizations conquered the known world?  I’ll give you a hint, it wasn’t the one with the eugenics model.  It was the one with the independent aristocracy, and a Republic who did most of the conquest of Rome.  This is a map of Rome at its height 

and this is how much of that was taken by the Republic, not the empire

That is more than half, and a great deal of the remaining was conquered by Emperor Claudius, you know, this guy?

the one with the limp and the stammer and the twitch.  The Empire mostly fought Romans, it was the Republic that did the real conquering.  To say nothing of the road building.    

    And when the Legion tries to Cosplay as Real Rome, it never quite matches the true stories. 

   This stories resembles Roman propaganda, except…Rome rarely wiped out the entire population, in fact their empire was supported by a network of client kingdoms who betrayed their former rulers to side with Rome.  One of the most important pieces of Roman rule that if you surrendered, you were treated fairly, if you fought a bit and then surrendered, you were treated well.  If you fought to the death, stuck to your principles as Vulpes implies, then you were wiped out.  Just ask the Jews at Masada how Rome respects those who fight to the last.  

    So we have a violent, militant, reactionary culture fetishistic a past that never truly existed and they don’t seem to understand to justify extreme racism, violence, and horrifying sexism in order to fight against a corrupt hypocritical but far less awful democratic regime.  Sound Familiar

oh…..well that too but also this 

   Those who idealize history are always those who understand it the least, and New Vegas for all its buggy often frustrating gameplay glory, understands what happens when history is co-opted by those who don’t understand it but wish to use the symbols of nostalgia to justify their own atrocities.  Isn’t that Right Ulysses, so named after the man who traveled the ocean for 10 year trying to find home and then freed all the Slave?

Edit: I also want to talk about this real quick

Yeah that whole “War is great for its own sake” macho bullshit?  The Romans weren’t so into that, they were much more into “Hey, work for us, and you can keep all your stuff”  There is a reason why all of the ancient rome spoke of Roman Treachery.  

    The Pax was about law and order, not about conquest and survival of the fittest, I mean the entire point of the Aenied is rejecting the Illiad’s macho warrior culture mentality


[^^ Marawi is a city in Mindanao, Philippines that got attacked by a presumably ISIS group. Houses, schools, and hospitals are being torched. Civilians’s cellphones are presumably being destroyed as well as fire trucks being blocked off to stop them from putting out fire. Please pray as well for Marawi along with the attacks on Bangkok and Manchester]
Trump revealed highly classified information to Russian foreign minister and ambassador
The president was boasting of the “great intel” he receives when he discussed intelligence provided by a U.S. partner.
  1. Trump fires James Comey, the man in charge of investigating his campaign’s improper connections with Russian officials, including Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak
  2. The next day, Trump invites Russian officials–including Kislyak–to meet with him in the Oval Office.
  3. Trump bans the U.S. press from the meeting.
  4. Trump permits the Russian press to attend the meeting. (They publish some very nice photos they took of the Oval Office.)
  5. During the meeting, Trump gives the Russians highly classified information on the Islamic State that the United States has not shared with anyone else, including our own allies. In doing so, Trump endangers the source of the information and jeopardizes future cooperation with the ally who provided it to the U.S.
  6. The White House notifies the CIA and the NSA of Trump’s disclosure.
  7. The White House also promptly scrubs all references to that part of the conversation from all internal memos on the meeting, and immediately classifies the official transcript of the meeting so that only a handful of individuals will be able to see it.
  8. When the press learns of it anyway, the White House formally denies it.


As President I wanted to share with Russia (at an openly scheduled W.H. meeting) which I have the absolute right to do, facts pertaining to terrorism and airline flight safety. Humanitarian reasons, plus I want Russia to greatly step up their fight against ISIS & terrorism.
—  President Trump, on his right to share “facts” about terrorism and airline safety as part of a joint counterterrorism effort to fight the Islamic State.

St Peter’s College – Cardross Seminary
Cardross, Argyll and Bute, Scotland, UK; 1961-66 (abandoned, 80’s)

Gillespie Kidd & Coia (Isi Metzstein, J. Cowell and Andy MacMillan as architects in charge); W. V. Zinn & Associates as consulting engineers
(photographs by Crispin Eurich)

«'Architecture’ it was recently said (and should be said more often) ‘is people’. Quite naturally, therefore, it is impossible to regard this building and its cool vaulted spaces without the soutaned young men who occupy it. The sounds which echo round the vaults vary from the spirituality of evensong, sung with the candles flickering against the darkening windows, to the strictly material clamour of young men seeing who can get to the billiard table first. If we think that the training of priests is designed to remove them from the realities of the modern world, we are wrong: these boys will be as much at home with the transistor as with the rosary – as much at home in a good modern building as in some ancient cloister.»

see map | inner view | full post

via “Concrete Quarterly, 72” (Spring, 1967)

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Isis Ishtar for 002 if that's okay. Thank you~

@the-cryptographer - sorry for the delay!


How I feel about this character: I find Isis a bit heartbreaking because, with the best of intentions, she runs down the wrong path at warp speed.  She hates the future she sees and yet believes herself fated to be one of the people ensuring that it happens.  She was indoctrinated from childhood into a cult, and I don’t think she questioned any of her upbringing any more than she questioned her visions of the future.  After losing to Kaiba, I can imagine her looking back on her whole life and every decision she made and trying to figure out if she could/should have made other choices.  She’s a character that I wish well in her struggle to live without rules to follow or a future to obey.  I also like that Isis has her own reasons for being at Battle City and her own story.

All the people I ship romantically with this character: Mai, Seto Kaiba. Please see below for visionshipping. Trustshipping: Isis is one of the few characters Kaiba feels a connection to.  At Alcatraz, Isis gets through to him with her determination to die not only for, but with Malik.  I think Kaiba is right to see the parallel with himself at Duelists Kingdom, but I think the parallel here is not just self-sacrifice but guilt; both feel that they are to blame for not doing more to protect their siblings.  And I think that feeling of helplessness and self blame is the true connection between them, as is their ruthlessness when it comes to meeting their goals.  Interestingly, they are both have compelling goals at Battle City (Isis to save her brother and Kaiba to free himself from Gozaburo’s influence) and then use means to pursue those goals that if they worked would ensure their goals were never met.

The name trustshipping is a bit of a misnomer for me because Isis only trusts Kaiba because she thinks she can foresee and therefore control his actions, and Kaiba neither trusts Isis nor himself when it comes to returning Obelisk.  Interestingly, neither initially is good at trusting to other people, with Isis trusting only her own visions, even when they lead to a future she fears and Kaiba trusting in himself and his ability to change the future.

My non-romantic OTP for this character: Malik and Rishid.  I just think there is so much healing that needs to be done with all three of these characters.  And in a way, all three of them need to learn how to live without the weight of destiny on them. 

My unpopular opinion about this character: I think Isis gets portrayed as being both nicer and more omnipotent than she is.  Isis is completely and utterly ruthless when it comes to achieving her goals.  She tries to use Kaiba as a pawn that will be discarded when he has served his purpose.  She doesn’t try to warn or stop Malik from hurting people, even Rishid.  This is partly because she believes this is all inevitable, but also, I’m not sure that the fate of anyone but her family really gets through to her.  

She’s also portrayed in fandom as using her foresight to play Kaiba for a fool.  But the main point with Isis’s ability to see the future is that it’s flawed, that the future can’t be foreseen because each person has a role to play in creating their own future for themselves.  Isis herself learns this at the end of their duel and it seems such an important lesson that I don’t like to see it negated.

I like Isis for her courage, loyalty, determination and her grace under pressure, but I also think she has some real flaws and after Alcatraz has had all of her ideas of life and destiny upended and I think her weaknesses and confusion is part of what makes her compelling,

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: I really wish we had seen more of Ishtar siblings after Alcatraz or in DSoD, because it seems to me that the real work of becoming a family had only begun.  (At this rate DSoD would have to be a mini-series to incorporate everything I want to see!)  Anway, I really prefer portrayals that deal with her coming to grips with that.

My OTP: I’m going to blame @pharaohsparklefists for getting me into visionshipping with her Mai and Isis as cop and life partners in Playing with Fire (Link: .  I think their personalities work together so well.  They are both very invested in appearing confident and poised, but in such different ways – and both use confidence as a facade to cover up a lot of insecurity.  I could see Mai’s in-your-face brashness playing off really well with Isis’ more dignified style.  I think they are perfect for any action AUs – in addition to detectives, I would love to see them in a “Leverage” style Robin Hood AU, with Isis as the suave grifter/computer hacker and Mai is a cat burglar - and they both get chances to show off their fighting skills and plan the jobs together as a sort of a two person Leverage team…  

I get that in canon there are obvious issues given that Isis’ brother is Malik, but I like the pairing because of I think it has a great match of personalities.  And honestly, even in more canon centered things, the combination of two characters who are perfect for each other, but who are also faced with a serious obstacles makes for one angsty pairing and I’m a sucker for that, so…

My cross over ship:  It’s not so much a crossover ship, but I would love to see them in the Leverage universe.  If you wanted to round out a full five person Leverage team, in addition to grifter Isis and thief Mai, Kaiba could be the hacker/engineer, Jounouchi, the muscle, and Yami and Yugi could share the mastermind role. 

A headcanon fact: Malik and Rishid will wear sweatpants and T-shirts, but even around the house, Isis has never learned to feel comfortable in slouchy casual clothes.

“Isis of the House of Life, the God’s mother, the Lady of Philae” (translation of the two rows of hieroglyphs on the top right of the Goddess) represented enthroned, wearing the Solar disk with the Uraeus and suckling Horus the Child (wearing the Double Crown and holding the ‘Ankh’);
behind Her,
“Outo ('Uadjet’) the Lady of 'Pe-Dep’, the Lady of the Sky, the Queen of all the Gods” (translation of the two rows of hieroglyphs on the top right of the Goddess) represented wearing the Red Crown and holding the Year-staff.

Temple of the Goddess Isis at Philae (now on the Agilkia island),
Coronation Hall, north wall, east side, scene on the upper register.

(The images have been impiously hammered by the christians…)


Marawi City (in my country, Philippines) is under attack by a terrorist group (Maute Group) who has pledged allegiance to the ISIS. Schools, jails, houses and buildings are being burned, people are being taken hostage and women are being taken and exits are blocked. We need your prayers.