To start off the battle, Asgore immediately blasted the masked woman with flames, and Gaster attacked her with bones, which she absorbed with her Steal command, and Asriel and Crayon both took a moment to turn into their weakened God of Hyperdeath forms. Undyne couldn’t find an opening quite yet.

* ??? stands there, a dark aura forming around her.
* She doesn’t attack.

This time, Undyne rushed right in with a particularly large energy spear and stabbed at the masked woman’s face. The woman jumped to the left to dodge, but got hit directly by a Gaster Blaster that was behind her.


A surprisingly low amount of damage. The masked woman held her hand out to Asgore before he could attack again and started Stealing his soul.

* Stealing… 20%

Asriel and Crayon both rushed to Asgore’s aid, using some rather strong attacks on the masked woman to distract her, which they succeeded. The masked woman had to dodge, but got clipped by Crayon’s star attacks, which chipped her mask, and…


Who knows what a full-force hit would have done. Likely much, much more. The masked woman finally made an attempt to attack, rushing Asgore, seeing him as an easy target. She pounded his chest with her fist.


Her power was incredible. If he had hit Undyne or Gaster, she may have killed them…

In retaliation, Undyne viciously attacked the masked woman, and actually managed to shatter her mask, doing damage in the process as well.


When the mask came off, it revealed a terrifying visage, a shadowy black face, with jagged, glowing red eyes and mouth and a black aura covering her whole body originating from her face. Black liquid was dripping onto the floor from her face.

* ???’s mask is destroyed!
* Isir intends to finish things.