isilia moonstone

Isilia Moonstone chilling out in Timberline Falls for @saladmage! What hit me only after I was finished was this worry that “what if the armor in the armor red in charahub profile wasn’t the intended armor for the picture???” - I was just like “of course it is” initially and then started doubting afterwards, so if it was not, I’ll change it for you! :D


Isilia Moonstone | Combat Healer

Nicknames: Isi
Race: Charr
Class: Druid (Ranger)
Legion: Ash Legion
S.O.: None
Order: Order of Whispers (Lightbringer)
Personality: Diplomatic/Charming; Loyal, kind, and nurturing, but not afraid to take a stand for something she believes in, or to protect someone she loves. She knows who she is, and makes sure to stand by her views. She is more influenced by Norn culture than Charr, being a cub of the Shiverpeaks.
Collects: All kinds of flowers
Smells like: Crisp snow and mountain air

She wears a silver necklace with a drop-shaped pendant – a Refugee memento the owner of which was never found – in the hopes that she will either find the owner yet, or at least honor them by wearing it.