Highschool/Mob AU || Headcanon
  • In this verse, Darkness or Isidorus (His real name), is a mob leader of Ghost of Brotherhoods. He own a mansion with his own winery after put the Brotherhood’s former leader out of ‘business’, forever. Since then, Darkness is known to be the richest and powerful leader in gang where he is the last any rivals want to fight again, especially after the murder of his light.
  • Marvin and Wolfgang are partners in their ‘business run’ for Darkness and dubbed as the men in black.
  • Darkness’s lover, Light or Jocelyne, is known to be a singer that have a ‘voice of an angel’ and was one the only ones who mange to make the man weak. However, it was Nikolas, Father Gabriel and Valentino who took her life away. The only way that Darkness can describe her death is: As if the whole earth has lost an angel that die in a way, she was peaceful.
  • Benjamin Cross and Micheal De Roca is one of Gabriel’s men that run a brothel and a casino called: The Trinity. This is where Catherine mange to become a showgirl for the club after her grandfather have passes away early. It’s the only place that she have stayed and think of it more of a hell than heaven.
  • Benjamin’s and Micheal’s gang are separate gangs that work for Gabriel. The gang is called the Right Hand Of God, after believe they are closer to the deity than ever.
  • Wolfgang tried to get his sister out of Benjamin’s Cross hands during school but in the end, it always fail by Cross catching them. Catherine would gone missing for a few days before return with more bruises on her than the day before.
  • Mars is Darkness favorite partner to get Cars, planes, and weapons from with her connections in Los Angeles. She is also known as the hacker of the gang to make sure the Police won’t known anything about the gang.
  • Emmanuel is called the Bear of the Ghost of Brotherhoods, with his elimination of enemies that is capture by Darkness. He also fixes the vehicles in the main headquarters of the Brotherhood.
  • Catherine help give information for Darkness as a spy which is a dangerous job that she called it after being fired from her job in the Trinity. However, she feel safe with the Ghost of Brotherhoods and think of Darkness as Modern Gatsby.