Virtud: Sentirse como Sansón

Existen dos preguntas que deberíamos hacernos como mínimo una vez al año.

La primera de ellas es: ¿Qué ofrezco que sea merecedor de que otro pague? Esta pregunta tiene una variante: si trabaja en el sector público pregúntese: ¿Cuál es la razón que justifica que el servicio en el que trabajo sea financiado con dinero público?

La segunda pregunta es: ¿Qué significa hoy en día ser un buen profesional de lo mío?

Las respuestas a estas preguntas le ayudarán a dar sentido a su trabajo. Encontrar sentido a lo que hacemos nos dará energía y fuerzas, ¡sentirnos como Sansón!

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Guess what

When your creative team is one part considerable over-ambition and one part painstaking meticulousness, sometimes deadlines don’t fall exactly where you want them to.

This week’s extra Wednesday page is gonna be an extra Thursday page. Colors are being magicked onto it as we speak! For today, please enjoy some early developmental art for the lovely Isidor Tzavaras.

Grump that he is.

Artwork by painstaking meticulousness Chelsea

MtgRPG Character Bio
  • Name:Isidor Rikhter
  • Home Plane:Fiora
  • First Planeswalk:Dominaria
  • Colors:black, blue, and red
  • Alignment:chaotic neutral
  • Signature spell:Reap Intellect
  • Backstory:Born into a noble family in Fiore, he was trained for his duties as a high counsellor from a young age. At age 15, his parents were murdered by political opponents, and he sought out Marchesa and her revolutionary army for help. She fostered him, and in the 11 years he worked under her, he became a mage of incredible skill. When he was too powerful for Marchesa to control, so she sold information to his parents killers in order to have him eliminated. This failed spectacularly when an assassination turned into a magical duel in the streets of Paliano, following which, he stormed the council chambers, and murdered all present in cold blood. When he was cornered by the authorities, the clashing spells caused an explosion and his spark ignited. He is currently exploring the Wastelands that remind Dominaria of the Brothers' War.
  • Special notes:has ADHD, and mild to moderate anxiety.