isi makes things

I might have just come up with a horror story AU where the girl squad and the boy squad go to some abandoned building that’s supposedly haunted as frick. Just imagine this:

- Isak and Sana pulling pranks on the others because seriously guys… but then they’re the first ones running into a real ghost and get high key scared but no one believes them

- Vilde and Magnus being killed in the garden because lets be real Vilde will want to prove she’s ~straight~ by having sex with him there and just like… killer ghosts with chainsaws… all I’m saying

- Eva taking selfies everywhere and when she looks back on them it’s like… there’s something… creeping closer… in every picture

- Mahdi literally jumping into Jonas’ arms out of fear at some point. He’s the one that keeps telling the squads that you know guys… right now would be like.. the moment to just go back home… increasing every time something happens until he just leaves. He’s the only one who survives without being traumatized

- Even recording everything and trying to explain the weird shit that keeps happening to them like that’s probably a projector someone rigged up or yeah see those cracks in the window are totally WHy it just got freezing cold while it was warm 3 secs ago. When there’s suddenly a little girl following them around he goes up to her all like “it’s nothing” until he touches her and OH GOD SHES SOLID and the girl disappears. The others act like they saw nothing. He really wants to leave after that

- Noora and Jonas form a team of eye rolling at their friends like… sureeeeee…… a “haunted” house. They’re the ones finding the files that describe the gruesome murders that took place in the building and start seeing death people everywhere warning them “he’s coming he’s coming…”

- Chris B just follows them around through the whole building eating popcorn and laughing her ass off