A series of PROPOSITIONS from Dave Morris.

Brief - come up with an image or visual for a poster (bus stop) or billboard advertisement, thinking about the creative pyramid. We had 11 to do in the space of 1 hour. Quite a challenge but here is a selection of my (terrible) drawings and notes. 

Propositions -

“A guide dog gives a blind person their sight back” - Guide Dogs

“We make you a dangerous opponent” - Nike

“It may look deceptively comfortable but its still dangerous” - People Carrier

“Your money can help free political prisoners” - Amnesty International

“Our nappies won’t leak” - Cosi-fit

“The sun ages your skin” - Suncream

“Sugar in canned drinks will rot your child’s teeth” - Health Council

“Really tough cars” - VW

“You’re drinking urine” - NY water supply

Dave Morris workshop - 6.2.2012

Dave Morris came into university and ran a day of tasks and lectures surrounding advertising. He was quite an in depth guy with strong opinions but one of the most valube things i got out of the day was this “Creative Pyramid”. I work quite well with structure and this was a helpful and informative way of organising ideas and time and also a method of helping me to be more self analytical and critical of my work. 

New Brief

5 Discreet responses to - “I wish I had…”

In reference to my first year at university, being a student and on a graphics course.

Think about looking back, advice for new students, discoveries and any regrets etc. 

Consider medium and format - any can be explored.

Be truthful and honest, and it could be used in a publication. 


PEACE ONE DAY. 21st September.


Hypnotherapy Designs.

I have been working on logos for a friends new business. After various brainstorming and sketching sessions we cam up with some initial designs based on the idea of-

  • circles
  • water
  • earth
  • peace

We then developed the idea, with the addition of hands, cupping the ‘o’ in the type. They bring it all together and incorporate further ideas such as 'a helping/healing hand" etc.

It needs further development but so far, comments and client feedback have been encouraging.