Danganronpa Non-Despair Au Shipping Headcanons

This is kinda just my musings on how certain couples would have gotten together and other headcanons about them in a non-despair au. I’m going to cover Ishimondo, Naegami, Komahina and Soudam. I’m keeping this PG-13 but I might do another later that’s has my 18+ headcanons.

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77th and 78th class Interactions Imagines

The Ultimate Imposter Chihiro and Chiaki playing video games together.

Sakura and Nekomaru battle and asahina and akane cheer them on.

Akane and Sakura battle.

Teruteru cooks food possibly donuts and asahina and akane have a eat off.

Sakura asahina nekomaru and akane have a protein powder break.

Byakuya gets schooled someway or another by Sonia.

Souda teaching yamada the best way to build a robot.

Fuyuhiko despite being a yakuza is a dork when it comes to breaking school rules and agrees with Ishmarus school rules.

Celes has a gambling tournament with naegi and komaeda involved.

Hagakure convinces Sonia to pay for his fortune telling and Hagakure breaks and has to buy another crystal ball.

Sonia seeing genocider sho and having a long conversation with genocider about her killing methods since Sonia is a serial killer fanatic.

Komaeda trying to figure out Kirigiris shsl talent.

Komaeda having the stepping stone for hope talk with Naegi and they have a hope battle.

Ibuki maizono hiyoko and mahiru get a dance battle going and mahiru takes pictures and films it.

Teruteru fainting when he sees maizono.
Fukawa making jokes that Akanes boobs are bigger than Asahinas.

Akane fukawa and Mikan confide in each other about their past abusive relationships.

Peko and Genocider Sho have an epic battle.

Gundam uses his animal whisperer powers and gundam chihiro and peko all pet fluffy animals.

Hagakure getting scared around fuyuhiko since Hagakure owes his sister money and fuyuhiko doesn’t know that and is confused why Hagakure is afraid to talk to him.

Oowada and Fuyuhiko form a friendship and figure out that Oowada is a gang leader and fuyuhiko is the leader of the Yakuza they respect each other for hardships they go through as leaders.

Chihiro showing Souda how to use the computer to model machinery.

Gundams dog grows to be gigantic again and Leon’s the only one who can play fetch with the dog.

Komaeda Byakuya Celes and Sonia have a money off. Ibuki gives leon tips on how to be a rockstar