Tis the Season for Shipping!

Hey guys I’ve never really done this but hey! It will be fun

Send me a description of yourselves like appearance, personality, hobbies, what you want to be when you grow up hell even your fave color! 

Pick Two:


Harry Potter

Sherlock (BBC)

Merlin (BBC)


Heroes of Olympus/Percy Jackson

unearthlydean asked:

Okay, pick two: Supernatural and Marvel! Description: I am about 5'8, have shoulder-length wavy brown hair, have hazel eyes and freckles. I'm a little chubby, I love wearing t-shirts and jeans and large sweaters/hoodies. I love drawing and writing, and I perform with my school musical theater group. I love singing. Also I like sleeping. My favorite color is all of them.

hmmmm lets seee

Supernatural: Sammy

Marvel: Clint/hawkeye

I really debated on the supernatural one haha (message me to find which ones I was debating =]) 

“I could spend my entire life with bare feet and a backpack, walking through Africa, and on my dying day still not know everything there is about that continent.
And to me, that’s the metaphor of what long term relationships are - that it’s a journey; and that staying intentional, mindful, present, and curious about that person inches away from you is a beautiful and vital thing. The "Same Old, Same Old” can actually be full of life, and full of passion, if you stay connected.“ - Joy Williams

Thank you Mom and Dad for embodying and teaching me exactly this throughout my lifetime. You both are an inspiration as a couple and as individuals. Happy 32nd Anniversary! #ishipyou #truelove #iloveyou

anonymous asked:

Hiii!!:) for the shipping thing - Supernatural and Merlin!! and hmm... I'm short, with brown hair and green eyes - I tend to be pretty quiet until you get to know me, then I'm sassy, sarcastic, and hopefully at least a little witty haha - hobbies are reading, writing, hiking, climbing mountains, stargazing, etc - I want to study chemistry and geology and then travel the world exploring nature when I grow up! And fave color is midnight blue! <3 <3

You sound adorable! 

Supernatural: Sammy

Merlin: Arthur 

Good luck with your dreams!