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Heres my favorite blogs of 2011!~

I love all you guys and look forward to tumbling with you next year!

Have a happy new year!

I know i’m bad at editing;~;

Happy birthday to my dear junghyun-ah ! ♥ (from: ishipminho)

Baby, i promised you i would do something for you in this day, because to me, it’s a really special one. if you weren’t born, i wouldn’t have met you few months ago, and my life would have been so much more boring. so i really wanted to thank you for being in my life, and making it lighter and brighter.(◕▽◕)
i also wanted to thank tumblr, because without it, we wouldn’t have met too. i’m glad you came to my ask box one day, and that we started to talk. you first made my tumblr experience amazing and i will never thank you as much as i want for this. i’m so glad to know you, you’ve no idea. 
when we talk together, i feel at home every time. immediately. you’re so nice and caring, and your smile is the most contagious thing in this world. to be honest, the reason why i keep smiling like a dumb piece of shit when we’re talking with webcam on messenger is because your smile is so bright and it illuminates my day. your joy of life and your liveliness is so transmissible and i’m addicted to it. +:。〜( ̄▽ ̄〜) ♡ 

so, keep being so wonderful, even if i already know you will, and thank you for everything. happy birthday mon amour, je t'aime beaucoup beaucoup beaucoup ♥ tu es adorable. 

ps : i wish i would have done something better, and i know this little text i wrote sucks like hell (( and i’m so sorry for it )) ;~~~; you deserve so much better tbh. i promise i will make something else for you another time. i will prepare it in advance ;u; ilu ♥ and happy birthday again. i wish you all the best ! ((( like marrying this stupid dino puppy kkk )))

Je t'aime beaucoup beaucoup beaucoup aussi <3

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1) Name the members favorite to least of your favorite group : 1. Taemin 2. Key 3. Onew/Jonghyun/Minho

2) If you could be any animal, what would you be? a cat (i know, random, but life is peaceful when you’re a cat) or a bird (i dream of flying..)

3) What does the last text message you received say? “Thanks”

4) If you knew you would die tomorrow, what would be the important thing you would have to do? It would be a day like the others, i wouldn’t tell anyone, i’d just spend a day with the ones i love and let them know how much i love them.

5) What’s your dream job? Translator or French teacher in South Korea 

6) Name one celebrity you like that most people don’t: U-Kiss’s Soohyun. Well, he’s not hated, but most of the time people only talk about Kiseop, Kevin or the others, I don’t see lots of people saying good stuff about him, or they are well hidden in Tumblr’s world x)

7) What’s your favorite non-kpop song? Say my name, by Within Temptation

8) If you could paint your room any color, what would it be? White

9) Name three shows you could watch non-stop : I don’t really watch shows.

10) What’s your biggest insecurity? Trusting people too fast…

11) What’s your favorite kind of candy? Lollipop~

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1) Any nickname ?

2) You’re in a train when your bias sits next to you, (so close your arms touch his, and you can hear him breathing) how do you react ?

3) If you could afford it, would you give up everything (really everything, you family, friends, job..) overnight for you biggest dream ? By the way, what’s your biggest dream ?

4) Do you trust people easily ?

5) Favorite quote :

6) What was the last dream you made (that you can remember of) ?

7) Do you easily find the right words when your friend go through hard times ?

8) Have you already seen in real life someone you met on Tumblr ?

9) What were your first thoughts about K-pop ?

10) -Put the name of your bias- is here. He smiles to you, puts a lock of your hair away, then strokes your hand, slowly comes closer to your face while your heart beats faster and faster, he smirks, takes your face into his hands, and gently puts his lips on yours. How do you answer him ?

11) A word that begins with the letter J :

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I hate my relatives. With a passion. My hands are cold. My feet are cold. I’ll probably die of blood loss when Jonghyun’s teaser picture is released. I’ve been listening to ‘History’ on repeat for the past two hours. I’m not looking forward to today. My back hurts. I’ve been craving ice cream for days. My throat hurts.

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Could you recommend me some Minho blogs? ^^ I know you already & you're awesome! ^^

Oh, I would love to~ ^^

choikaang, pomonam, ishipminho, Minhoandhisbitches, qtohnim, ch0iminho, minhoney, lustcifer-, choiminhos, mirnho, flamingho, imahoforminho, minhoar, meanhoe, meliluvsminho, minhoisstillhyungwhoring, minhosdick, minhong, choiminha, minhoe, minhomeboy, angryfrog, miinhoo, hurricanepenus, minho-ness..

I think that’s it.. (◡‿◡✿)