ishinomori hero


It’s Shotaro Ishinomori’s birthday today, so you know what that means!


It’s that music video with ALL of Ishinomori’s Tokusatsu heroes.

I heard that Ishinomori had an experience when he was very young with the one and only fist fight he ever won in his entire life. However, even when he saw his opponent laying sobbing at his feet, it filled him with sadness instead of making him feel better. That was apparently when he developed his feeling that victory does not equal a reason to cheer. Therefore, an Ishinomori hero stands in a position like that.
—  Masato Hayase, Hyper Hobby interview (2012)

One of the best things about Robot Detective is that, different from Kikaider, Kamen Rider or Inazuman, you can tell that the character on TV is the same as the manga counterpart. So you can make comparisons like this one. The Robot Detective manga started on Shonen Magazine a few months before the TV Series debut, so maybe that’s why.

When you see the other Ishinomori’s heroes on television, you can tell that those are not exactly the same characters Ishinomori has envisioned. But K is different, you can even imagine the words coming out of his mouth in Shusei Nakamura’s voice. He’s unique for that matter. The exact same character is the star of both manga and TV show.