anonymous asked:

I'd like to thank you, Ishimaru-San. Whenever, I feel like swearing, I just think about your leadership and responsibility and I instantly stop. You're my hero.

That means a lot to me. Thank you very much! Remember that the only f-bomb to drop is friendship!

raspberylicious  asked:

Ishimaru, people in my school keep stopping and blocking the hallways to make out in between classes. How do I get them to stop? The police stopped returning my calls.

Step 1. Find a very long hose.

Step 2. Attach that hose to a faucet.

Step 3. Spray anyone making out in the halls as soon as you see them.

Step 4. Show no mercy.

anonymous asked:

Ibuki Mioda is the shsl Light Music Club Member. She dislikes boredom, but likes midday naps, games and walks. She prefers to play death metal music and is a very loud and energetic person. Also she dyes her hair multiple color. This is why you should accept her as your Lord and Savior.

She sounds spirited and passionate. I don’t know about her being my Lord and Savior, but if she works hard, I respect her!