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Seiyuu Grand Prix 2016 results are out! 

Jun bags first place! 
Followed closely with Kamiyan and our loveable ossan Nakamura Yuichi!

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How did you even recognized the Haikyuu!! voice actors in Bungou Stray Dogs?! Also I'm wondering who are the other Haikyuu!! voice actors that are in Bungou Stray Dogs?? But I'm amazed you recognized Hinata and Kageyama's voice actors

Um, it’s because I’m a seiyuu (voice actor) fan so that’s why I can easily recognized who voice who ^^ And sure, I’ll let you know who are the Haikyuu!! voice actors in the anime series but it would be much better if I let you know the sports anime voice actors being in Bungou Stray Dogs since I notice that sports anime VAs appear more!!

For the main characters:
Dazai Osamu is voiced by Miyano Mamoru

Kunikida Doppo & Azure King is voiced by Hosoya Yoshimasa (the king of sports anime)

Edogawa Ranpo is voiced by Kamiya Hiroshi

Tanizaki Jouchirou is voiced by Toyanaga Toshiyuki

Akutagawa Ryuunosuke is voiced by Ono Kensho

Guest characters:
Tachihara Michizou is voiced by Hayashi Yuu

Sugimoto is voiced by Murase Ayumu

Taguchi Rokuzou is voiced by Ishikawa Kaito

Blonde Man is voiced by Nojima Hirofumi

Other characters that still hasn’t appear in the anime:
Izumi Kyouka is voiced by Morohoshi Sumire

Kajii Motojirou is voiced by Hatano Wataru

Nakahara Chuuya is voiced by Taniyama Kishou

I think that’s all of them for now but I do bet there will be some other voice actors to appear to be a guest character like what Hinata and Tanaka’s VA did. I hope you like this answer ^^

A quick reminder to all Rivamika shippers [SNK Season 2]

It’s true we didn’t see much of Levi or Mikasa in the new Season 2 trailer, but hear me out. Pay attention to THIS SCENE. I’m going CRAZY just thinking about it. Why?

Poor Armin! But it has nothing to do with Rivamika, hm? Where did it come from anyway? Oh right, it’s the carriage scene from chapter 37, “Southwestward”…

…which is basically the chapter that started it all for many Rivamika fans out there, featuring the first major Rivamika interaction since chapter 30 / episode 22!

Yes, it will be a while until we get to see all the Rivamika goodness from the Uprising arc animated, but I’m here to remind you that THIS SCENE is going to be featured RIGHT AT THE BEGINNING of season 2, at least in the first 3~4 episodes and it’s enough to keep us hyped until the latter half of this season. 


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what are your fave movies? :)

……omg, anonnie <3 
listen i tried i really really tried picking just a few and keeping this short but D:

百万円と苦虫女 (one million yen girl) - tanada yuki
リリイ・シュシュのすべて (all about lily chou-chou) - iwai shunji
花とアリス (hana and alice) - iwai shunji
2つ目の窓 (still the water) - kawase naomi
萌の朱雀 (moe no suzaku) - kawase naomi
L-DK - kawamura yasuhiro
ビリギャル (flying colors) - doi nobuhiro
アオハライド (blue spring ride) - miki takahiro
ソラニン (solanin) - miki takahiro
君に届け (from me to you) - kumazawa naoto
そして父になる (like father, like son) - koreeda hirokazu
ワンダフルライフ (after life) - koreeda hirokazu
ノルウェイの森 (norwegian wood) - tran anh hung
横道世之介 (a story of yonosuke) - shuuichi okita
うさぎドロップ (bunny drop) - hiroyuki tanaka
恋空 (koizora) - imai natsuki
ペタル ダンス (petal dance) - ishikawa hiroshi
おかしの家 (okashi no ie) -  yuya ishii, katsuhiko ikeda

anime (still japan but ya know):
おおかみこどもの雨と雪 (wolf children) - hosoda mamoru
時をかける少女 (the girl who leapt through time) - hosoda mamoru
秒速5センチメートル (5 centimeters per second) - shinkai makoto
言の葉の庭 (the garden of words) - shinkai makoto
雲のむこう、約束の場所 (the place promised in our early days) - shinkai makoto 
かぐや姫の物語 (the tale of princess kaguya) - takahata isao
千と千尋の神隠し (spirited away) - miyazaki hayao
ハウルの動く城 (howl’s moving castle) - miyazaki hayao
天空の城ラピュタ (castle in the sky) - miyazaki hayao
もののけ姫 (princess mononoke) - miyazaki hayao
風立ちぬ (the wind rises) - miyazaki hayao 

taiwan, hong kong, china:
chungking express - wong kar-wai
in the mood for love - wong kar-wai
happy together - wong kar-wai
secret - jay chou
you are the apple of my eye - giddens ko
yi yi - edward yang
the witness - ahn sang-hoon
murmur of the hearts - sylvia chang
house of flying daggers -  zhang yimou
farewell my concubine -  chen kaige

mexico, brazil:
babel - alejandro gonzález iñárritu
diarios de motocicleta - walter salles
el crimen del padre amaro - carlos carrera
hoje eu quero voltar sozinho (the way he looks) - daniel ribeiro

twinsters - samantha futerman
かたつもり (katatsumori) - kawase naomi
夢と狂気の王国 (the kingdom of dreams and madness) - sunada mami

america, europe:
advantageous - jennifer phang
precious - lee daniels
the grand budapest hotel - wes anderson
her - spike jonze
gone girl - david fincher
marie antoinette - sofia coppola
the virgin suicides - sofia coppola
amélie - jean-pierre jeunet
la vie d'adèle - abdellatif kechiche
tomboy - céline sciamma


Diamond no Ace All Star Game - Introducing Rival Team                                    (Akikawa, Inajitsu, Yakushi)

1. Ishikawa Kaito as Yo Shun Shin (Akikawa)
2. Maeno Tomaki as Harada Masatoshi (Inajitsu)
3. Kaji Yuuki as Narumiya Mei (Inajitsu)
4. Hirakawa Daisuke as Hirai Tsubasa (Inajitsu)
5. Tatsuhisa Suzuki as Mishima Yuuta (Yakushi)
6. Ono Kensho as Todoraki Raichi (Yakushi)
7. Kamiya Hiroshi as Sanada Shunpei (Yakushi)


Kaji Yuuki


News: Exclusive Bonus Rewards for Attendees of the Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou Reading & Live Event (1, 2)

Original Release Date: July 3rd, 2016
Retail Prices: N/A (Bonus Rewards)

Attendees of the event have shared photos of exclusive rewards gifted to them, including mini posters featuring seiyuu Kaji Yuuki (Eren), Kamiya Hiroshi (Levi), Ishikawa Yui (Mikasa), & Inoue Marina (Armin) in Survey Corps jackets, download card of the new music single/image song for Eren (Sung by Kaji Yuuki) titled “Abstract Lust,” and the flyer announcing the new SnK mobile app!

A QR code printed on the Eren download cards enables the owner to download “Abstract Lust” on August 3rd, 2016.

These items are in addition to the Chuugakkou Reading & Live Event line of merchandise!

Update: The evening session features a black/dark version of the Eren card!



Kamiya shows up at 2:07:10

He looks so cute with Levi’s cleaning outfit.

I didn’t expect he would wear his outfit (σ′▽‵)′▽‵)σ

Watching he playing games is so funny (*´∀`)~♥

He is good at playing this even though it is his first time to play “Attack on Titan” game. 

He is killing Kyojin !!! LOL

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