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Hotaru no Hikari 1&2 Review

So I just finished it recently, thanks to @dramanomikata’s recommendation. :3

Going to be pic-heavy because it’s eye-candy, and I love it. xD
I love this drama, it’s hilarious. And Ayase Haruka’s character, Amemiya Hotaru, is way too cute~ I pretty much act like her when I’m alone at home and flailing over my biases/dramas. Fujiki Naohito is still freaking handsome, and I don’t know why…but I kept staring at his bare legs whenever they sat at the veranda/porch. He’s got some sexy legs. =w=  

Anywaaaays, enough about my weird Fujiki Naohito legs fetish. .___.;;
The first season was a cute story about Amemiya falling in love for the first time and desperately trying to hide her true nature as a ‘himono onna’ (a woman who is hard-working and organized outside, but a messy slob who loves lazying around drinking beer at home).

And it’s cute because Fujiki Naohito’s character, Takano Seiichi aka Bucho/Boss, helps her out. He seems reluctant on the outside, but he is really eager to help. And I like his nickname for her: Ahomiya. xD (Aho = stupid/idiot) The first season is pretty much an introduction. The characters, the concept of love, and etcetera. 

The second season, I enjoyed much more.

This was when relationships are formed and the topic of marriage were raised.
It helped that Mukai Osamu was cast in it. >3> Damn that boy is cute.
In this drama, feelings are realized, and love triangles are formed, so there are more hilarious conflicts, more flail-worthy scenes and the like. Definitely more exciting than the first, imho.

And I couldn’t decide who to root for (cause either couple works!!!) and would be happy if she got together with whomever or all three on them can shack up and have some sessy times together. Admit it, you were all thinking it. 

I was also surprised to see Ishii Momoka in this one! She’s so adorable, definitely my favorite child actress!

Definitely a lot of cute and funny scenes. It’s no surprise I watched both seasons in 2 days or maybe it’s the lack of a life

Definitely a recommendation! 
Andddd a last one for the road!


Itou-san: What do you normally call Aiba-san?

Momoka: Masaki-niini~


*Reminiscing “Aibagirl” “My Girl” time by carrying his daughter on the shoulders again. 


Aiba: I am going to give it my all so I shall not look (at the children).

Momoka: Masaki-niini do your best~

Aiba: OH! :)

Aiba: AH!! I looked!!


I love how during the whole cliff climb, all the kids were just screaming “Masaki-niini ganbare!” which soon turned into just “Niini! Niini!”


Oh my goodness… Momoka-chan has grown up so much!! She was in the 8th and 9th episode of Iryu Sousa 3 (2013)… I just skimmed through a bit, as I was just curious about how she is going… I want her and Masaki-nii ni to act together again!! >< It’s been 4 years already! Hope for a miracle that something happens sometime next year~