From Ishida Anna’s Blog : There is someone dear to me in Heaven 

This is Ishida Anna. 

Today we performed in the Tohoku Earthquake Relief Effort Special Performance ~Dareka no Tameni Project 2013~  

I was able to perform, dance and sing from Nagoya with a lot of all my emotion and thought. 

In actual fact, 2 years ago I lost someone very dear to me in the Tsunami. She became one of those that could not return. 

That was one of my fans. 

One day after the disaster struck, one fan came to my handshake event. 

It was someone I had met for the first time, and he had been very kind and found time in his busy business schedule to come to see me. 

Then, my fan said
“In actual fact, my little sister really loves you, Anna-chan”
So I said “Next time please come with your little sister♪”

However, I will never forget the conversation that begun after my remark.

His little sister had passed away in the Tsunami, and was not found. She had become one that did not return.

“The reason I have come is that my little sister had always said she wanted to go to see you Aina-chan, and so I have come instead of her. She is probably very happy in heaven.

I lost my words. I had just then understood the magnitude of the disaster, and these words had informed me of this just then. 

The truth that I can never meet his little sister. 

I was happy with the kindness and thoughtfulness of her brother. 

The strength of her brother. It really hit my heart.

I wanted to see a picture of his sister, and asked to see one. 

He said that there was only one remaining photo of her. The rest had been washed away by the Tsunami. 

Truthfully, I did not know what to say. 

If the disaster had not happened, would I have been able to meet her. Would I have been able to become friends with her.
These thoughts flooded my mind.

Even though I have not met her, she is one girl that is very dear to me. 

Now, as an SKE48 member,if I am able to make one person smile, it there is one person that supports me

on the Stage, on the Radio, in Magazines, on TV, living now with all my strength. 

I felt strongly that I want to make people smile, and give them energy. 

Because there is someone, there is me. What can I do for someone. 

We can never forget the 11th March. It is one day that should never be forgotten. 

I want to make many more people smile. 

One action rather than 100 words. 

Thank you very much for reading to the end. 


Ishida Anna. 

Survey carried out by all the members of SKE48

: I’m not going to post any scan from the magazine for THIS reason. And remember that…Sayachan and Mizuho are already lovers. lol

From [SKE48 X Shuukan Playboy 2013].

We asked the same 3 questions to all the members of SKE48. And from the answers, bit by bit, the human relationships between the members ended up seeping out!

Q1: Which member would you want as your lover?
Q1: Which is the member you’d want as your older or younger sister?
Q1: Which is the member you’d want as your boss?


Abiru Riho.

A1. Matsui Jurina. She’s cool and kind. My heart starts to tighten even just by looking at her.
A2. Aoki Shiori. She’s as cute as a little sister! I get soothed by her loose character. I want to buy her sweets!
A3. Satou Mieko. If the Mieko-san who constantly gives out very concrete advices would be my boss, I’m sure I’ll be able to improve considerabily!

Ishida Anna.

A1. Satou Mieko. She’d cook for me, she has a family oriented personality and is just like a mother lol
A2. Ego Yuuna. I want her as my little sister because she’s quiet and cute. I’m going to treat her will lots of love!!
A3. Deguchi Aki. Because she feels like she’d get angry if I made mistakes. However…I have the feelings she’d do weird things to me… lol

Isohara Kyouka.

A1. Nakanishi Yuuka. I feel like she’d take me to lots of different places. I’d be fine just by being with her, even without doing anything!
A2. Ego Yuuna. I want her to be my little sister!! I could talk with her about books - which I can’t do with my real sister - and I want to spoil her!
A3. Saitou Makiko. She tends to pay attention to details so I feel like she’d work fast. She has that aura that seems like shouting “Follow me!!” lol

Ego Yuuna

A1. Ishida Anna. Her way of speaking and acting is always very cute. It’s fun to be with her.
A2. Iwanaga Tsugumi. She ties my hair and plays with me so I want her as my big sister.
A3. Matsumura Kaori. Because if she were my boss, I feel like she’d teach me lots of things I don’t know.

Ooya Masana.

A1. Suga Nanako. Because she’s cute, always sticking to others. I want to become her lover and stick to her all the time.
A2. Kizaki Yuria. I couldn’t ask her about things related to study but aside from that she feels very reliable so I’d want to have her as my big sister.
A3. Furukawa Airi. Because she’s level-headed and would act scrictly both towards both seniors and juniors.

Kizaki Yuria.

A1. Mukaida Manatsu. She already is cute, but I feel like I’d be able to see a type of cuteness she doesn’t show to friends if she’d become my lover.
A2. Ego Yuuna. A cute little sister!!! Because, as you all know…she’s SKE48’s “Everyone’s little sister”.
A3. Nakanishi Yuuka. Among SKE48 members she’s the one to whom the word “boss” suits the most. What do you think?

Gotou Risako.

A1. Yakata Miki. It feels like fun to be with her and I love everything about Miki-chan.
A2. Kitano Ruka. She’s a bit impertinent but still…I believe she’s a cute little sister.
A3. Yakata Miki. If Miki-chan were my boss I’d follow her without saying a word lol

Saitou Makiko.

A1. Kizaki Yuria. She’s cute, simple and sober. She’s quick at joining the mood so even just being next to her would be enough lol
A2. Kitano Ruka. She’s a quiet, lovely and cute little sister who sends me mails and comes talking to me!
A3. Furukawa Airi. She’s level headed and has a nice sense of humor so I feel like I would enjoy working with her. I also have expectations on weird gags or something lol

Satou Seira.

A1. Satou Seira. She acts as if she doesn’t care about others but if she relaxes her guard she gets affectionate so she’d become a great lover.
A2. Satou Seira. If I had a little sister like me, I’d treat her greatly and I’d buy her sweets.
A3. Satou Seira. Leaving aside if she’d be reliable or not, she’d gets her things done properly so I think she’d be a nice boss.

Tsuzuki Rika

A1. Suda Akari. She’s too cute, both outside and inside!! Oh gosh, I love her! (lol) Truth is I already self-declare myself her boyfriend.
A2. Ego Yuuna\Kizai Yuria. If Egochan was my little sister I’d want Yuria-tan as my big sister.
A3. Nakanishi Yuuka. Because she’s the reliable leader that is able to mantain SKE’s order! I feel like she’d be able to put anything in order even as a boss.

Deguchi Aki.

A1. Kaneko Shiori. Both her brains and body are 100\100 points worth! She’s definitely a candidate to be my lover.
A2. Ego Yuuna. If she’d become my little sister I’d want to take her everyday to eat pancakes.
A3. Niidoi Sayaka. Because she feels like she’d forgive me saying “It’s fine!” even when I’d make mistakes at work lol

Nakanishi Yuuka

A1. Suga Nanako. I like the puppy-like type of people and nobody is more of a puppy than Nanako! She’s cute.
A2. Ego Yuuna. Even just looking at her is way too soothing so I’d be really happy to have her as my little sister. Call me “Big sis!”!
A3. Furukawa Airi. She has a big heart and I really respect her so I’m sure that if Airi were my boss I’d be able to work feeling at ease.

Niidoi Sayaka.

A1. Yamada Mizuho. I’ve kept it a secret from anyone but…truth is we already are lovers (lol)
A2. Yakata Miki. She’s a senior but…she’s cute!! That’s why I’d want her as my little sister!
A3. Ego Yuuna. Even though, being 13, she’s very young, she’s really level-headed and maybe it would be nice to have her as a boss.

Matsui Jurina.

A1. Takayanagi Akane. She feels like she’d understand me and give me advices. Also, I like the fact that she can cook.
A2. Miyamae Ami. As a little sister she’d be very friendly, cute and great at fawning on others. Though there are also times in which I think “Stop it already!!” lol
A3. Abiru Riho. She really really loves me so I think she’d let me get spoiled if she were my boss.

Mukaida Manatsu.

A1. Yakata Miki. It’s fun to be with her, she’s cute and stylish so I’d want her as my lover.
A2. Ichino Narumi. I definitely want her as my little sister! She’s be so cute if only she’d stay quiet…but I love the gap between that and when she speaks…
A3. Ooya Masana. She pays attention to her surroundings and she always gives very satisfactory answers when one asks for advices!

Yakata Miki.

A1. Ishida Anna. She loves sparkling things and her girly aura is amazing!! Her innocent smile makes my heart tighten.
A2. Niidoi Sayaka. A little sister aura comes out from her inside. I want to wear matching clothes and go together to the Aquarium.
A3. Satou Mieko. Her “Elder sister” aura is amazing! She’s also very reliable so it’s easy to feel like go discuss with her about anything.


Uchiyama Mikoto.

A1. Mizuno Honoka\Yamamoto Yuka. When I saw them I thought “Wow…what a cute girl!!!”
A2. Kitano Ruka. A little sister with a cute roundness. I want to be called “big sis” with her husky voice.
A3. Saitou Makiko. She feels like she would properly give instructions. However I’m a bit scared that she would give me some very strict job!

Ooba Mina.

A1. Katou Tomoko. She releases a very fluffy aura and has a very gentle way of speaking that makes me feel like protecting her.
A2. Kimoto Kanon. Every time I meet her I wonder how come she’s that cute!! Kanon-chan would kindly keep smiling for me!
A3. Satou Mieko\Nakanishi Yuuka. Because they feel like they’ll keep explaining something until they don’t feel satisfied enough of the result!!

Katou Tomoko.

A1. Ooba Mina. She’s cute as a little animal and has a great style! I also like how she’s very expressive and how she’s also a bit S.
A2. Gotou Risako. She tends to feel lonely easily and as soon as I go somewhere she comes searching for me. She’s already just like a little sister lol
A3. Nakanishi Yuuka. She always gives advices trying to follow up the others’ feelings, so her high consideration is clearly conveyed.

Katou Rumi.

A1. Umemoto Madoka. She’s thoughtful, entertaining and she has the image of someone who would completely devote to her lover.
A2. Orito Aisa. I want her to be my little sister. Because she likes to stick to people and looks like a squirrel! It would totally be enjoyable to be with her!
A3. Satou Mieko. She’s already like a boss to me. How she works inside the group and the way it’s easy to talk to her are both worthy of a 100\100!!

Kobayashi Ami

A1. Kizaki Yuria. She’s basically a bulk of cuteness. I love how, despite of that, her personality is very simple and relaxed!
A2. Suga Nanako. She’s cheerful and friendly, so I’d really like her as my little sister. She’s always smiley and it’s cute how she feels like a puppy.
A3. Satou Mieko. She pays a lot of attention to her surroundings and knows a lot of good sides of other people!!

Satou Mieko.

A1. Mukaida Manatsu. Her personality is just as cute as her face! It’s a miracle. She’s an angel! She’s too much of a good girl!!
A2. Furuhata Nao. Little sister. She gives out the best [innocent feel] ever. When she fell during Finland Miracle I thought she was a genius.
A3. Furukawa Airi. She’s popular so she’d be perfect to be a boss. While watching her from the back I’d think: “I’m gonna work hard for you!!”

Shibata Aya.

A1. Futamura Haruka. She’s a nice girl, her shy side is cute as well and her body is so nice that it was chosen for Aki.P’s selection (lol)
A2. Kitano Ruka. Her surprising diligence also makes my chest tighten. I’d totally love to spoil such a little sister.
A3. Satou Mieko\Takayanagi Akane. Because they’re leading Team KII.

Suda Akari.

A1. Suda Akari. She’s the girliest SKE member!! If I had to chose one as my lover, I could choose nobody but her!!!
A2. Suda Akari. After Tsuzuki Rika made me her big sis I realized that maybe I have potential as a big sister character…!!!
A3. Suda Akari. She doesn’t look very reliable but she’s surprisingly careful and with her as a boss everything around would become brighter!!

Takagi Yumana.

A1. Kizaki Yuria. She acts in a relaxed way, without being bothered by every little thing but she’s very kind. If I were a boy I’d totally go out with Yuria-san.
A2. Uchiyama Mikoto. She’s my senior but I’d like to have her as my little sister. We’d go out and shopping together and everyday would be so fun!!!
A3. Furukawa Airi. She’s kind so she feels like she’d explain in a very easy way all the things I don’t get or I’m doing wrong.

Takayanagi Akane.

A1. Gotou Mayuko. I tried to fantasize a bit and my heart would totally tighten if she’d let her braided hair down.
A2. Takagi Yumana. I want her as my big sis. Because she’d take care of me and spoil me while calling me “Churitan!!”
A3. Kizaki Yuria. Because she feels like she’d allow me to work freely, saying “You can come and go home whenever you want. Peace!”

Takeuchi Mai.

A1. Deguchi Aki. Even though she’d go touch and bury herself inside members’ bodies I feel like she’d properly treasure me.
A2. Furukawa Airi. She loves anime songs so if she were my big sis I think we could do 2D activities together!
A3. Nakanishi Yuuka. It’s wonderful how she always invites members out and tries to communicate with everyone!

Futamura Haruka.

A1. Katou Rumi. I enjoy when she talks because she’s funny and I never get tired of her. Lol She’s tsundere and cute.
A2. Katou Tomoko. She already feels like a big sister. She talks a lot with me, she’s stylish and kind.
A3. Deguchi Aki. It feels like she’d consider her subordinates’ opinions, put hers in too and create a society with a strong unity.

Furukawa Airi.

A1. Kitou Momoka. She’s always been my type of girl. I want Momonya to ask me for the unreasonable!
A2. Suga Nanako. If she were my little sister I’d be excited to go back home every day! I want her to receive me energetically with a smile!
A3. Satou Mieko. I’d be able to work enjoyably and peacefully. She’d also listen to what I have to say and she’d even go have lunch with me during the days off!

Matsumoto Rina.

A1. Yakata Miki. I love her lol She’s thoughtful, funny and I feel like she’d be smiling every day.
A2. Furukawa Airi. I’ve never seen her get angry so I think it would be nice to have her as a big sister lol
A3. Nakanishi Yuuka. She has the spirit of a leader and is very boyish, but she is also incredibly kind. I’d feel like following a person like her.

Yamashita Yukari.

A1. Matsumoto Rina. I’m very charmed by her since she’s basically femininity itself. If possible, I’d like to kiss her. That’s how much I like her.
A2. Niidoi Sayaka. What I like the most about her is the way she talks. She’s so quiet, fluffy and soothing so I’d want to have her as my little sister.
A3. Nakanishi Yuuka. Even when she gets angry it’s possible to perceive her love. So while I’m having a chance to reflect upon what I did, I can also realize how I’m being loved.


Azuma Rion.

A1. Takayanagi Akane. Well..anyway…she’s cute! Both her face and personality are very girly and she’s seriously cute.
A2. Kizaki Yuria. She already is a very reliable big sister to me. She’s very kind and she doesn’t seem to be just one year older than me!
A3. Kinoshita Yukiko. I think that she’d be really suited to be someone of a high position in a fashion shop or something.

Iguchi Shiori.

A1. Kinoshita Yukiko. She’s pretty and has a nice figure, so she’d become the kind of lover I could brag about. I’d want to introduce her to my friends!
A2. Ego Yuuna. It’s so cute how she’s just like a mascot. I really want her to become my little sister.
A3. Umemoto Madoka. If she were to be part of a company in a position of leadership everyday would definitely be super fun!!!

Ichino Narumi.

A1. Mukaida Manatsu. She comes hugging me saying “Naru-chaaaan”! We hold hands and are lovey-dovey every day.
A2. Kitou Momona. She’s like a real big sister to me. She always say “You’re my little sister”.
A3. Saitou Makiko. She’s kind and is able to bring people together. I really admire her.

Iwanaga Tsugumi.

A1. Yamada Mizuho. She’s so fluffy and cute all the time. If I were a boy I’d definitely want to have her as a lover.
A2. Takagi Yumana. She already acts affectionately towards me as if I was her little sister so I’d like to have her as my big sis.
A3. Umemoto Madoka. She’s always very attentive and kind. Sometimes she’s strict but I really admire her.

Umemoto Madoka.

A1. Kitou Momona. Both her face and voice are cute so she’d totally sooth me a lot. I feel like being together we’d have just the perfect sense of distance.
A2. Furuhata Nao. I’m concerned about her just as if she was my real little sister. I want to go out together and discuss giving advices to each other.
A3. Takayanagi Akane. She faces everything enjoyably and passionately so I think I’d be able to enjoy working with her.

Kaneko Shiori

A1. Deguchi Aki. When we talked about love while watching a drama, our way of thinking was so similar that there was a very strong affinity lol
A2. Matsumura Kaori. I’d become her big sister, I’d make use of my position and stop her from running as wildly as she does lol
A3. Matsumoto Rina. I’d randomly follow Matsurina’s flow and as a result we’ll have fun and we’d be happy!!

Kitou Momona

A1. Furuhata Nao. Her face is cute so I could brag about her with everyone. Plus she’s like a little devil. I want her to play with me lol
A2. Ichino Narumi. Because she sometimes calls me “Big sis” and when I’m with her I go back to feel young.
A3. Kinoshita Yukiko. Even though she’s a junior she’s strict and reliable. Also, she’s beautiful so it would feel great to have such a pretty boss.

Kinoshita Yukiko.

A1. Mizuno Honoka. She has a great figure, she’s cute and has a nice not stiff personality!
A2. Kitagawa Ryouha. I love how she’s cute and likes to be spoiled. I’d love to have her as my little sister.
A3. Satou Mieko. Everything she says is accurate and I could follow her because I’d know I could trust her. I think she’s perfect to be a boss.

Kimoto Kanon.

A1. Sakai Mei. Because I can relax when I’m with her and I never get tired of being together.
A2. Sakai Mei. She’s both very level headed and childish, so I feel like taking care of her as if she was my little sister.
A2. Sakai Mei. Because…no matter what…she’s kind!! If feels like she would teach me everything without ever getting pissed!

Sakai Mei.

A1. Kimoto Kanon. ‘cause, together, we’re [NonMei] lol. And well, she’s cute!
A2. Kimoto Kanon. I’m usually seen as a big sis but Kanon is very level headed so I’d want her to be my big sister. And I’m the youngest, so lol
A3. Kimoto Kanon. We can communicate through eye contact so if she were to be my boss she wouldn’t even need to give me orders, I’d be able to work anyway!

Suga Nanako.

A1. Niidoi Sayaka. Everything about her is so cute that it hurts. Isn’t this sensation what they call “love”?
A2. Furukawa Airi. I feel like I could go fawn on her if she were my big sister! I also love the idea of being able to have the kind of relationship in which we can talk together about anime!
A3. Nakanishi Yuuka. It feels like she would notice even the smallest details about her subordinates. Also, I think she’d raise everyone’s tension during parties lol

Furuhata Nao

A1. Deguchi Aki. She always does perverted things to other members so, on the contrary, I’d like to do perverted things to her and see her reaction lol
A2. Uchiyama Mikoto. I want to make her my big sis, do my best with school, be a good girl and have her praise me.
A3. Umemoto Madoka. We’re close so I’d have her become a boss and then put myself in a position of predominance lol

Matsui Rena.

A1. Iwanaga Tsugumi. She’s the most soothing kind of member in SKE, I’d want her to be forever by my side. I’d do whatever she’d ask me for.
A2. Azuma Rion. I want her as my little sister. She came from Hokkaido and is doing her best so…I feel like I can’t leave her alone!
A3. Furukawa Airi. I want to become her subordinate and have Airin in a white shirt and tight skirt give me work to do.

Mizuno Honoka.

A1. Gotou Risako. I think I would never get tired of being with her so I’d like for her to become my lover.
A2. Ego Yuuna. My beloved Egochan! If she’d become my little sister I’m sure I’d DEFINITELY be soothed by her every day.
A3. Yamada Reika. She’s smart so I could rely on her in case I’d be having trouble. I’m sure she’d give me great answers.

Miyamae Ami.

A1. Miyamae Ami. The most charming member is my own self, after all. Because I want to keep loving me forever lol
A2. Yamada Mizuho. She always wears stylish clothes, even when we share a hotel room. And she’s cute, so I’d want her to be my little sister.
A3. Suga Nanako. She’s smart!!! She’d make the work proceed smoothly and she’d definitely handle everything in an appropriate way!!

Yamada Reika

A1. Iwanaga Tsugumi. Tsuuchan’s girliness is amazing. And her pure side hits me strongly!
A2. Furukawa Airi. She’s kind. Kind. Kind!!!! She’d be the kind of big sis I could brag about with everyone!
A3. Nakanishi Yuuka. It’s the kind of being able to show and direct everyone just with her back figure alone. Kind but sometimes strict. I love her.


Aoki Shiori.

A1. Matsui Jurina\Suda Akari. Jurina because…she looks so mature. Akari-san because I would want to be beaten down by her telling me “I love you”.
A2. Kitano Ruka. I want her as my little sister. Even though she looks mature she’s really a kid inside. I like that gap.
A3. Shibata Aya. It feel like she’d always be concerned about me and that she’d kindly teach me about work.

Ida Reona.

A1. Suda Akari. Because it feels like it would be so fun to be together with her and…more than anything, because I like her!!!
A2. Gotou Mayuko. She can cook, she’s cute, she’s level headed, so I absolutely want her as my big sister!
A3. Nakanishi Yuuka. She kindly puts order among her juniors and properly thinks about the people surrounding her.

Inuzuka Asana

A1. Nakanishi Yuuka. I fell for Nakanishi-san as soon as I saw her in the theater for the first time. She’s very considerate towards her juniors and usually she’s very feminine and cute.
A2. Ogino Risa. She calls me her real big sister lol I find her impertinent side to be very cute.
A3. Uchiyama Mikoto. When I need to discuss about something and ask for advices she very seriously thinks about it and ends up being very reliable.

Oowaki Arisa.

A1. Mizuno Honoka. Because she looks so fluffy and cute and it’s fun to be with her.
A2. Niidoi Sayaka. She’s cute and being with her is soothing so I’d want her to be my little sister.
A3. Noguchi Yume. I admire her a lot so I’m sure that we’d keep a great relationship even if she were to become my boss.

Ogino Risa.

A1. Kitagawa Ryouha. She always sends me mail writing “Ogino-san!”. So well, I’d like as a lover someone who likes me lol
A2. Matsui Jurina. The gap between her mature look and her spoiled child-like inner side is irresistible. lol I’d love to have her as a little sister!
A3. Nakanishi Yuuka. I feel like I could be able to work immersed into a very positive kind of tension. I’d want to go in many different bars together with Nakanishi-san wearing a suit.

Orito Aisa.

A1. Kizaki Yuria. Both her face and gestures are cute and when she’s next to me I end up gazing at her all the time!
A2. Suga Nanako. She’s funny, doing weird faces and such and the way she teases me feels like a big sister!
A3. Suda Akari. Because she does lessons with me, kindly teaches me and there are so many things I could learn from her!

Kamata Natsuki.

A1. Niidoi Sayaka. I’d like someone with whom I could spend time in a relaxed way. If it’s with her I feel like we could have peaceful dates at home!!
A2. Takayanagi Akane. My family is filled with quiet and serious people so it would be very stimulating to have her as a big sister!!
A3. Yakata Miki. It feels like she’d promptly give me instructions. And she’s cheerful so I think like I’d be able to overcome even the traumatic arrive of every monday.

Kitagawa Ryouha.

A1. Takagi Yumana. She’s very funny, cute and kind. I’d be happy if she would become my lover.
A2. Kinoshita Yukiko. She’s stylish, pretty, cute and kind. I’d love to have such a big sister.
A3. Furukawa Airi. In my mind she has the image of a capable boss, looking good with suit and glasses. Her kindness is very relevant too.

Kitano Ruka.

A1. Saitou Makiko. She’s always so cool but I’m expecting her to show a cute heart-tightening side during dates.
A2. Miyamae Ami. She’s a senior I really admire so I’m sure she’d be a reliable big sister.
A3. Kizaki Yuria. We are similar on many different ways so I’m sure it would be fun to work with a boss like her lol

Kitahara Yuuna.

A1. Yakata Miki. Because she’s cheerful, kind and affectionate towards anyone and her smile never disappears.
A2. Mukaida Manatsu. I want her to become my big sister because it would be soothing to be with her. I want to cook and go shopping with her!
A3. Matsui Rena. I feel like she would be kind and sometimes strict, and that she would teach me a lot of things. She’s my ideal in every possible way!!

Kumazaki Haruka.

A1. Furukawa Airi. She looks cool when she dances and she’s pretty so I really like her. I also want her to teach me a lot of things about anime.
A2. Takeuchi Mai. She’s very kind and also teaches me dances! She’s be a big sister I could brag about!
A3. Matsumura Kaori. It feels like she would be constantly creating new projects and she’d be a kind boss that would lead us all.

Gotou Mayuko.

A1. Niidoi Sayaka. No matter what she does…she’s cute!! I’d be totally beaten down if she’d look at me with those eyes!!!
A2. Abiru Riho. Even the super shy me would have fun spending everyday with her! I’d want her to be my big sister.
A3. Nakanishi Yuuka\Takayanagi Akane. Because they’d teach things precisely and kindly and I’m sure they’d tell me things that would turn out to be useful for me both at work and in private.

Sasaki Yuka.

A1. Niidoi Sayaka. Even though she’s younger than me I thought she was cute. I end up feeling like protecting her lol
A2. Suda Akari. Her smile is so cute that makes me feel better, she’s kind, really a wonderful person. I want her to become my big sister.
A3. Matsui Jurina. I’ve been admiring her even before I joined SKE. I want her to become my boss and teach me many things.

Sora Miyuka.

A1. Hidaka Yuzuki. Because during the Research Students concert, as I was crying because I wasn’t able to do something, she kindly took care of me.
A2. Yamamoto Yuka. She always sets my hair and is very kind so I’d want her as my big sister.
A3. Kitou Momona. She’s very cute!! I’d like to become like her so I want her to become an example for me.

Takeuchi Saki.

A1. Mukaida Manatsu. She’s fluffy, cute, kind and funny. If she were my lover every day would be like fun!!
A2. Takayanagi Akane\Furukawa Airi. They’re seniors I love a whole super uber lot!!! I’d have them become my big sisters and every day I’d want to observe their interactions!!
A3. Satou Mieko. She’s very reliable! She feels like she would handle with all her might also all the things related to work!

Noguchi Yume.

A1. Matsumoto Rina\Gotou Mayuko. I love the atmosphere surrounding Matsurina-san. Mayuko-san is great at cooking and is kind!
A2. Gotou Risako\Takayanagi Akane. I’d absolutely want them as my big sisters. I’m being told I look like Risako-san, while Akane-san is kind and gentle!!
A3. Yano Azuki. Even thought she acts like an idiot she properly does what she has to, and I admire that side of hers.

Hidaka Yuzuki.

A1. Kizaki Yuria\Furuhata Nao. They have the kind of cuteness that would make me feel like bragging about. Plus each time our eyes meet they’d respond with an angelic smile!!
A2. Ishida Anna\Miyamae Ami. I’d want them both as big sisters. In front of them I’d be able act like a spoiled child all the time!!
A3. Takayanagi Akane. I feel like I would be able to work enjoyably. Also, we have the love for birds in common!! lol

Matsumura Kaori

A1. Kitou Momona. Everything, from her looks to her aura, is my type! If I were a boy I’d be head over heels for her.
A2. Kaneko Shiori. Well, she’s already almost my little sister but being together feels really confortable so I’d like to have her as my little sister lol
A3. Mukaida Manatsu. With a boss having such a cute smile I could work hard even when she’d get mad at me! I’d absolutely never double retort to her lol

Yano Azuki.

A1. Kaneko Shiori. She’s fluffy and her hair is always cute. And she’s always funny when I talk with her lol
A2. Yakata Miki. She’s stylish! Funny! Cute!! And she’s also very energetic, so I’d really want her to be my big sister.
A3. Nakanishi Yuuka. The boss position suits her a lot! She’d take me out to dinner and I feel like she would kindly give me work-related instructions!

Yamada Juna.

A1. Sakai Mei. She looked so cool when I saw her dancing during a Stage that the other day I went searching for her videos lol
A2. Kimoto Kanon. She’s very cute so I’ve been looking up to her even before joining SKE. I’d want her to become my big sister.
A3. Iwanaga Tsugumi. Every day she’s creating new projects and working on them! She’s very level-headed so I’d really want her as a boss!

Yamada Mizuho.

A1. Niidoi Sayaka. Everything about her is cute; Her face, her personality, her actions. I feel relaxed when I’m with her. We’re already lovers lol
A2. Satou Mieko. She’s reliable and kind. I want her to become my big sister and to bake me cookies!
A3. Iwanaga Tsugumi. She works fast so I think she’d be very capable. Moreover, she likes things to be clean so I feel like she’d always clean the workplace.

Yamamoto Yuka.

A1. Kumazaki Haruka. She’s so girly, really my type!! Since she’s both very level-headed and cute at the same time, I’m sure I’d never get bored with her.
A2. Sora Miyuka. She’d be my very friendly little sister who is also similar to me personality-wise. Sometimes we even have sisterly fights for real lol
A3. Iguchi Shiori. I’d like to learn from her cool way of dancing that makes great use of her long arms and legs, so I’d want her to become my boss!