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I just want to say that I relate to this chapter on a spiritual level. I suffered from depression for 8 years. My dad was everything to me but he died from lung cancer when I was 14. My mom was absent my whole life even tho she was alive. So he was my only family. I became suicidal after that. I isolated myself from everyone n I always had this nagging feeling that nobody loved me even tho I had my grandparents and my best friend all the time. I met my husband when I started my college. (1)

He’s a really serious person. He comes from a totally​ different culture and religion. I liked him bc he didn’t treated me like a damsle in distress. He knew something was wrong with me. One day from out of the blue I told him everything. I knew I liked him a lot but I never thought he’d support me like that. He alone convinced me to seek help. I remember the first we were together n it was really emotional. Bc it was the first time I was completely without a mask in 6 long years. (2)

I was kind of surprised bc I thought he was kind of cold towards emotions. It took me 3 more years to recover properly. But it’s the hard truth about depression is that u never recover properly. I’ll always have tht big hole in my heart bc nobody can take my dad’s place but u can learn to make more space for other people who care about u. I’d love to give Ishida a hug for portraying this sex scene with so much maturity. I’m always thankful to Ishida for this proper presentation of depression/end 

A big reason for Tokyo Ghoul’s popularity is that it comes from the deepest, darkest part of Ishida’s mind, and it’s a place that a lot of people recognise. In your story there are definite echoes of both Kaneki’s and Touka’s storylines, and as you point out, sex can have a huge impact on your entire way of thinking. The Seinen genre allows TG to explore all of life’s colours, from the most gory, depressing, and violent, to the sexual, sensual and sublime. TG doesn’t shy away from any of it, because as you say here, it’s important that people hear it. And whatever Ishida writes about, he writes it beautifully.

It’s for that reason that people can find solace in the characters he writes about, and by writing them he reinforces their right to exist, in a way. Draws attention to the depressed, lonely, forgotten, and confused individuals who get swept away and disregarded by a society that prefers to stick its head in the sand until they pass on by. That’s what great horror, great tragedy, great romance can do: cleanse you of your own regrets, sins and anxieties by recreating them in a manner that can only be called beautiful. For me, I know I experience that kind of catharsis with everything about Kaneki.

Basically Ishida is just totally awesome and thank you anon for having the bravery to tell your story to demonstrate that.

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welcome back to tumblr! can you write an AU with no digimon, how sora and yamato meet?

Thanks Anon! It’s fun to be back.

Sora slammed the door, all but throwing herself down on her bed. But the rage was still too present in her skull to allow her to just lay peacefully: in a moment, she was up again, pacing her room like a tiger the length of its cage. She threw open her window to get fresh air. Of course, with her luck, there wasn’t even a breeze. She nearly screamed -

when, from the apartment next door, the low, jazzy rasp of a harmonica floated from an open window to hers.

Bleach characters, it’s Karin and Yuzu’s birthday! What are you going to get them?

As requested by @shoukounetsu. :)

GUYS. This list was requested like 3-4 YEARS ago, and every single year, without fail…….I forgot about it. I have done all of the other birthday requests that were made, but not this one. No, never this one. I just never remembered. But finally, thanks to one of you reminding me multiple times (which, believe me, was super necessary), I have FINALLY REMEMBERED THIS LIST. So! It is May 6 - AKA, the birthday of Karin and Yuzu. Bleach characters, what present will you get them for their birthday?

Kon: Since it is their birthday, I will do a truly NOBLE and SELFLESS thing!

Kon: I’ll make sure I’m lying out where Yuzu can find me so that she can make me a new outfit.

Ichigo: Cool and what about Karin?

Kon: I’m sacrificing myself here!!!!!!! I think one present is enough!!!!!!

Hitsugaya: If it helps, I have a present for Karin only, since I don’t really know Yuzu.

Hitsugaya: I got Karin a new soccer ball. Urahara says it’s especially good for killing hollows and for making goals.

Ichigo: She’ll like that! Just maybe, uh, leave it for her, so that she doesn’t wonder why some old dude is giving her a present.

Hitsugaya: Older! Not old!

Isshin: I have a present for both of my daughters, of course! ME!

Isshin: I’ll do whatever they want, all day long!

Karin: Can you give us some money for ice cream and then stay home?


Jinta: I got Karin this bracelet or whatever.

Jinta: Just something that cost like five cents. She probably won’t like it.

Karin: It’s pretty cool, I guess.


Ururu: A-and I made you both this cake! It has strawberries on top.

Yuzu: Wow, thank you!

Ishida: I made dresses for them. No big deal. Did it in my free time.

Orihime: I asked my bakery to ship them some of our best treats!

Tite Kubo: In honor of the twins’ birthday, I shall reveal…that they have had powers this whole time!

Tite Kubo: Wait, actually, hang on…yeah, I think I’m reading this wrong…

Tite Kubo: Oh right. Actually, I’m going to reveal that ICHIGO has another power, and it has nothing to do with their birthdays! Never mind then.

Tite Kubo: Carry on.


Ichigo: I figured I might not be there for their birthday. But I did leave them presents.

Ichigo: A new strawberry hairpin for Yuzu and that video game that Karin’s been wanting.

Ichigo: Hopefully that’ll make up for the fact that I’m not there.

Karin: …

Yuzu: …

Rukia: Well, I am going to give them what they truly want!

 I am going to grab their brother by the hair and drag his ass home to make sure he’s there for his sisters’ birthday!

Rukia: They miss him so much!

Yuzu: R-really? Nii-sama will actually be there?

Karin: I’ll believe that when I see it!

Ichigo: Yeah…Rukia? I’m, uh, kinda trying to save the universe here? Like - look, I’m right about to fight Yhwach!

Yhwach: Dude. It’s your sisters’ birthday. What’s wrong with you? 

Ichigo: …

Ichigo: Well okay then.


Happy belated birthday 金木研!誕生日おめでとうございます!! :) – 20.12.15
A fast drawing as my present for the young black reaper.. :(
I hope you can find happiness soon..

Just go to :re already.. and live happily together with everyone.. ;__;

I now present to you my new silly url: @marry-me-ishida-sui

Inspired by one of Ishida-sensei’s most adorable english twitter responses ever:

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Thanks to everyone who sent encouragement about the url change, I hope it’s at least a little amusing for everyone :3

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A friend of mine said that Haise's habit of putting the hand on the neck while thinking has nothing to do with Hide, that isn't something remarkable of him and that many others have the same habit and it's just "the way that Ishida draws", but I can't remember others doing this. Can you clarify this to me? Pleeease? Sorry for bothering you D:

Hi, hi! Oh, honey, you’re not bother me at all! In fact, this make me very happy, so thank you for asking me. And sorry for take so long for reply this :c

I made a post about that here. You’re refering to this, right? 

Mmm, i try to search for another character that do this and, i found some:

Maybe is just the way that Ishida draw a person who’s thinking but…

Kaneki, in particular, never do this manner in TG, not even once and i re read all the manga to answer this question. Not. Even. Once. Until, of course, :re.

Yes, there are others characters that do a similar thing like Hide. But it’s like not the exact same motion, i think. But, as your friends say, that could be just like the way that Ishida draws. But, Ishida also work with the body language in a interesting level, because some characters have this “unique” manner or habit, like for example this ones:

  • Yamori ans his tong habit.

Yamori is a “gecko” after all, so his act of sticking his tongue maybe it’s a reference to that. 

  • Kaneki and his “i’m hiding something and i think i can lie very well but actually i can’t” manner. 

This habit can be a copy of the habit that his mother had.

And other characters like Mutsuki and his habit of grabbing his clothes when he’s nervous.

And maybe Hide’s habit: touch his face when he’s thinking, or he’s feeling uncomfortable.

We already now that Haise is the King of fakes, and maybe, a lot of his habits or things that he do, doesn’t belong to him properly. They belongs to others persons, like the way he fights, or the way he uses his kagune, or the way he acts. Maybe those of this are references to others characters, like Touka, Tsukiyama or Hide. Persons who have this big impact in Kaneki and that Haise doesn’t remember, at least, an in conscious level.

So yeah, there’are other characters that do this but, never Kaneki. Kaneki never do this in the first part of TG. And the characters that do this, just doing it once not like Hide. And those character do think very often in the manga, but this “touching face” habit just is permanent in Hide. Just like Yamori habit or Kaneki. Maybe it’s just like Ishida draws, i’m not gonna denied that but if was just that, why Kaneki only start doing this after his encounter with Hide? And why he pass to not doing this at all to do it all the time? If just was the way that Ishida draws… maybe Kaneki would do it too, but he didn’t. Kaneki copied the habit of touching his chin from his mother, and maybe he copied the habit of Hide after all what happened in the end. So maybe, it is Hide’s habit that now Haise has, like others ones he already presented in the manga. 

But, of course, it just an opinion and i could be wrong. But i really hope that this help you! And again, thank you so much for asking!