//So random thought of the night.

One thing I am sad about in AoU that they didn’t address is the effects of Loki’s scepter on Clint. I get that they needed the ball rolling for the movie but even just a small nod towards it. Steve just asking if Clint is okay from everything. Thor patting him on the back for a moment.

Because Thor saw what that magic did to Selvig. I wanted SOMETHING between Thor and Clint. Anything really. Because Thor’s brother went and fucked with Clint’s head– yet he is acting a-okay after everything when Selvig went batshit crazy? 

You can’t tell me Clint didn’t have some shit happen. And I would have wanted Thor to just, try and make it right some how or some way– because he knew his brother did something horrible to the Hawk.

//No but guys–

You know how Daryl keeps trying to sacrifice himself for people– and he always ends up being okay. I just…

My thoughts went to how he might die (*cringes at my own thoughts*) but what if it isn’t the way we all think. What if he ends up bitten or something, and just laughs about it– because he thought in this would he would die trying to save someone else.

Instead he did it because he made a mistake. He got caught and it was his fault and he always wanted to save people– yet even when he is about to die he wasn’t able to.

taketheirhopefirst replied to your post://No but guys– What really is Clint’s worst fear?…

what about going blind??? Cause his abilities rely on his sight. He needs to be able to see and take aim and such. Also, failure. Not being able to fulfill the place that the Avengers so desperately need him to fill. //

//Ah. This is another one of those fears that is def on the top of his list. I have always thought that since he already can’t hear, the lack of sight would crush him completely. And yes.  GAWd. THERE ARE JUST SO MANY I COULD SEE NOW.