Aymeric: What is that noise?

Ishgard Knight: What noise, Ser?

[Muffled screaming in the distance]

Aymeric: That one.

Ishgard Knight: Oh that. The Warrior of Light is riding a morbol through town.

Aymeric: Ah, I see.



Aymeric: Wait, what?

[Screams become even more intense]


Most of the power in Ishgard is concentrated in the nobility. Almost universally staunch traditionalists, they are reluctant to trust outsiders, or even the other city-states of the Eorzean Alliance. The nobility is divided into four “High Houses”, each descended from four of the Twelve Knights of legend. Each high house, led by a Count, is composed of lords and a knightly order, and the city-state’s flag depicts the symbol of each house:

House Durendaire, symbolized by a bell. 
House Dzemael, symbolized by a tower/rook.
House Fortemps, symbolized by a unicorn.
House Haillenarte, symbolized by a rose.

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This looks so good… I’m going to HAVE to make it.  

r/ffxiv - Ishgardian Housing Layout
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WElp, looks pretty likely now. After the 3 new wards per district going up I was sure they wouldn’t have bothered, but this looks like damning evidence to me. I don’t expect it anytime soon, not even once restoration is done on all servers, but maybe with 6.0, or at least very late in the 5.+ cycle.