On September 25, 1962, James Meredith, became the first African American student to enroll at the University of Mississippi.  Five days later, riots erupted and two people died and 200 others were injured. Fifty years later, Ole Miss has crowned its first African-American homecoming queen. “I am still in shock, but I am definitely very excited,” said Courtney Roxanne Pearson. Pearson beat Ashleigh Davis 1,477 votes to 1,387 in the historical win. During Saturday’s homecoming game, not only did Ole Miss beat Auburn, but Pearson, a 21 year old English Secondary Education major from Memphis, was escorted by her father, Commander Kerri Pearson during halftime.


“I’m not white, I’m not six feet, I’m not blonde, I’m not Greek, I don’t drive a 2012 (Mercedes) Benz,” Pearson said during an interview at the university’s J.D. Williams Library.

But you’re a herstory maker.Still Becoming Firsts ….  #IshBlackGirlsDo