Reading the script for my film lesson tomorrow and:

She cranes down into his eyeline and says her best learned French phrase, not really knowing what it means.

SOPHIA “Lemme fill yo tits.”

VINCENZO crashes to a halt, and stares at her in disbelief.

SOPHIA searches his face for the cause of his consternation – bad pronunciation? wrong syntax?….

WHAT IS THIS?! GDI TONY WHY! it’s going to be a super long day I can already tell~ ishallsustainamassiveerection when you were saying about this last Thursday I thought you were joking uahahaha! (ᗒᗜᗕ)՛̵̖

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I swear I had no concept of Wanda/Vision while watching the film but now I do after your posts????? :')



idk why im using all caps sorry, but yeah then i got thinking about it after the film like wait a sec, didnt he majestically swoop down and carry her away omg

and then i did some more googling about the comics and it’s hella canon and they have fake babies and then i watched this interview and omg

really intrigued by where they take it (if they do) in the next films


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Now see that is the kind of thing to say to make me NOT want to hold you back

why your anon should choke on dicks

a short essay by mary-jane shoemaker - 10 points for lack of capitalisation and proper grammar

in my time, i have had my own run-ins with the bearer of the grey face, but each and every single one still makes my blood boil. not my own; certainly not. no, it is those of others that make me want to rip off tits and replace nipples with croissants.

let us break the anon message on which i am writing this essay down bit by bit and state exactly why you, anon, should choke on my fat juicy nob.

why do you even have a blog its shit and you’re actually a complete dickhead

wow holy shit are you actually serious

she has a blog because she’s fucking allowed to

because this is the internet where there is as much freedom as in those packets of american sauce you get at the mcdonalds

because she bloody well wants to have a bloody blog and she’s every right to bloody maintain one you fucking piece of arsehole shit

she’s as much right to have a blog as she has the right to be a completele dickhead

she’s not, however - charlotte is one kind motherfucker and where i would have fucking ripped your skull out through your tiny nostril to fuck it, she would have offered you a bloody cuppa

also you forgot an apostrophe there, you sack of cunts 

get off tumblr and out of the fandom the fandom was made for real fans not for people like you that can’t do anything except reblg and youre not even a cumberbitch so what’s the point?

the fandom was made for real fans not for people like you that can’t do anything except reblog.

holy mother of christ. last time i checked, fandom was made for fans of things. in this case, sherlock holmes - or, more specifically, bbc sherlock, but we’re a broad spectrum, aren’t we? 

fandom is not only for those who can produce art or write - which, sadly anon, i’ll have to inform you, charlotte does. brilliantly so. 

fandom is for fans of sherlock holmes. you don’t have to like the jokes, or eat jam, or read porn i mean fanfiction, or call yourself a cumberbitch because who the fuck even came up with that? that’s a slightly degrading and enormously dumb term that i will never call myself and frankly, i’m almost embarrassed some people do. all you’ve got to do is like the same thing. simple, right? 

thank you for telling charlotte what to do with her own personal blog of freedom but i’m afraid that’s completely unnecessary and i will now escort you to your room where my dick will be waiting for you. what’s the point, you ask? i’m immensely depraved. 

and last but not least:

you suck!

well, anon, i think by now we’ve established who is to do the sucking.

Because I know and love them:


In various fandoms, but I still love them:

askheryourselfbenedictcumberbatcheseyebrows benedictatorshipbreakdancinghagridbreathingsboringconsultingcompaniondontbeobvioussherlockformermaleprostitutegeniusbeegeothebiohuntersandangelsihatebenedictcumberbatchishallsustainamassiveerectionmartinfreemansbuttmineisanevillaughmishacollinsbuttparalleltoparallelpraiseoverlordmishapsycopathsgetboredtheworldsonlyconsultingpenisthisisgallifrey

Thanks for making 2011 Tumblr Great!


Just wanted to say a big thank you to 2014, this year has been particularly great for me luckily, moving out into a house with some of my best friends jointhemadteaparty ishallsustainamassiveerection and auspiciousemma , getting a job I really enjoy made even better by the friends I’ve made whilst working, and the new friends I’ve made at uni arknstones thranduil (and the ones I’ve kept hismajestybard ), you’re all awesome and thank you everyone for a great year, have a good 2015! Happy New Year!

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(Maybe should have done this not at 2am)

the amazingly talented and brilliant atinyqueerviking

Name: soph/sophia
Official name: sophia
Birthname: sophia hannah

Average Hours of Sleep: 7-9

The Last Thing You Googled: hola better internet

Nicknames: Soph, Ruff or tiny one

Birthday: january 14

Sexual Orientation: pansexual, i think??

Height: 5′0″

Favorite Color: slate grey or teal

One Place That Makes You Happy: waterstones picadilly

How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With: one duvet 

Favorite Film: Ghost World, Silence of the Lambs, Bugsy Malone & Whiplash

What I Am Wearing Right Now: black jeans, pink socks, brown leather boots, grey tank top, maroon leavers’ hoodie, my grandma’s necklace & my ring & watch

Last Book Read: currently reading extremely loud & incredibly close

Most Used Phrase: I’m so tired/I don’t know

First Words That Comes to Your Mind:  buffalo

Last Thing You Said to a Family Member: saying the grade I got in an essay today is what I want to get in the exam

Favorite Beverage: horchata

Favorite Food: potatoes

Last Film I Watched in Theaters: imitation game??

Dream Vacation: san fransisco

Dream Pet: dragon

Dream Job: publisher, advertising or museum curator

I’m going to tag: the #darinetwork, beatenbucky, ishallsustainamassiveerection, dramaticmonologue and dwarvenwitch

but if anyone else wants to do it consider yourself tagged.

if you’ve been tagged & don’t have time/don’t want to do it it’s absolutely fine- please don’t worry- you’re under no boligation to do this x