‘You can become mine and I can become yours. I want you to be my side…~’

Not more of 24 hours SameWada’s officiald kid was born and I already have HC over him… And Fukami, having to deal with the kid attached to him and himself and his mixed-wrecked feelings.

I know he’s stilk a kid but I dont regret nothing. Sorry people.

WATGB belongs to Funamusea/Deep Sea Prisoner/Sunahama.


More draws on Paint. This time related to a reason why Etihw changed the way of her stones after the war ended and they accepted each other and tried to get closer for the first time.

The source of the idea it’s hilarous since my waifu and another friend cosplayed Etihw & Kcalb and when they tried to get close for pictures the stones got in middle, so I can see something like this happening before Etihw really decided to give them a cut.

Can see Kcalb afraid of cuddle or trying to do it for a bit more before trying to get closer again, tho.

Anyway, hope you like this!

The Gray Garden Characters belong to Mogeko/Okegom and not me.


Being a father it’s a bless, they said. It will be fun, they said.

Still I don’t think Old will think that no matter what, even if he’s just a step-father or the figure of one…. or something like that.

Anyway, the kids seems to enjoy it, so Old does a great job.

Sketchy-Traditional art~.

Wadanohara’s Characters belong to Mogeko and not me.

A present I made for my beloved waifu Chaossu since this October 14th, we’re getting another wonderful year together!!

Babe, I really feel blessed by having you in my life and by being able to see you everyday. Love ya from the bottom of heart!!! Let’s make another wonderful year together and more and more!!

BW-EtiKcalb draw made by traditional ink and pen, since we both love them  A LOT. Hope you like it as well guys!

The Gray Garden Characters belong to Mogeko and not me.

A quick WodaGrora draw that I just felt like drawing, remembering Seichiinara’s birthday was near, so hope this can be of her liking.

Background story for this? I think they could get like this after drinking, specially if they’re really good colleagues, according to Grora. Head Angels always need to take it easy sometimes as well right? She’s just giving him a payback for what she did to his flowers. You know what I mean. Ehem.

Anyway, I need to sleep now~!. Happy Birthday Seichiinara, I hope you to have a nice day!!

The Gray Garden Characters belong to Mogeko/Funamushi and not me.


After a looooooooong time I’m uploading stuff again, this time redrawing scenes from the Gray Garden on GGT Kcalb’s version that I made on Paint.

Work and problems with the people in there had gotten me busy and kind of stressed, but I found time to do this (and other draws I will upload later).

Anyway  hope you like them, see you around guys!!!

GGT characters belong to Mogeko/Okegom.