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List-o-Miraculous Fics

Since I couldn’t get the muses to write anything I’m just posting a link to all my Miraculous Fics for the anniversary. (Listed in order of publication)

Rainy Morning Cuddles: FF.Net/AO3

Adrien and Marinette enjoy some cuddles one rainy morning. Post-reveal fluff. Complete/SFW

Exhausted: FF.Net/AO3

The aftermath of a late night Akuma attack. Mostly fluff, little bit of implied sin, but no sin. Complete/NFWS-ish

A Miraculous Valentines: FF.Net/AO3

Join Adrien and Marinette as they celebrate this very special Valentine’s Day. Fluff and Sin. Complete/NSFW in the second chapter.

An Announcement: FF.Net/AO3

Ladybug tells Chat Noir something important. Complete/SFW

Drabbles ala Miraculous: FF.Net/AO3

Drabble collection. Mostly fluff, friendship, romance and maybe a little sin. In Progress/mostly SFW

Love Me Like You Do: FF.Net/AO3

Ladybug and Chat Noir share a dance and something shifts. Complete/SFW

Such a Tease:

Adrien has a hard time keeping his eyes off Marinette during a trip to the beach. Complete/SFW but has lots of teasing.

A Crappy Day: FF.Net/AO3

Marinette has a rather crappy day but Adrien luckily helps make it better. Part 1 of the ‘Bad Day’ Series. Complete/SFW

A Horrible Day (Or What Happens Afterwards): FF.Net/AO3

Marinette has a horrible day at work, shall we see what Adrien has planned to make her feel better? Part 2 of the 'Bad Day’ Series. Complete/NSFW

25 Miraculous Sentences: FF.Net/AO3

25 sentences of the Love Square. Complete/But may get more/Fairly SFW

LadyNoir July: FF.Net/AO3

It’s LadyNoir July! Let’s see what antics our fave heroes get up to all month! Complete/SFW