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Okay so you know that story where the girl asked her boyfried to dirty talk to her in spanish even if she doesnt understand? And the boy said sure and started doing it but the girl heard the word 'tomato' and when she asked he said he was actually just describing how to make a salad. Imagine otayuri in their different languages doing this


I mean Otabek most likely speaks enough Russian to understand Yuri, but Yuri’s Kazakh is probably pretty bad. We know Yuri loves to be dirty talked, so please consider Otabek distractedly quoting advertisements in Kazakh into Yuri’s ear. He throws his head back and cums as Otabek tells him the lowest prices of vacuum cleaners available

designs for the transistor au idk

So I noticed the paint on Steve’s shield is almost gone in the beginning of CA:WS and it got me thinking about who repaints this thing? Is it Steve? If it is there is no way this didn’t happen. I mean this asshole went to art school. You can’t give an artist a paintbrush and a blank(ish) canvas without them going nuts at some point. It’s science.

(also I am a big fan of the Infinity War “bottoming out beard/hair of depression”)
Holiday-ish recipe: Ginger Nuts

Ginger nuts are a favorite store-bought biscuit in most parts of the UK and Ireland, but homemade ones are way better. And somehow or other I seem to have made these three times in the last week and a bit, so I think I’ve acquired some expertise.

If you want to make some holiday-ish biscuits/cookies that aren’t a lot of trouble, especially for gifts, these are an excellent bet. They’re crisp and flavorful and very more-ish. They’re also a good sort of bikkie to make if you want to let children or those who are normally a little baking-challenged assist (meaning it’s the kind of thing you can do sitting around the table with a bunch of adults and a bottle of wine, gossiping while you do the slightly repetitive work of getting them ready to bake).

Making the dough takes twenty minutes or a bit more, depending on how long you spend creaming the sugar and butter and flour together. After that it’s just a matter of how quickly you feel like assembling each baking sheet’s worth of cookies / biscuits. The dough refrigerates nicely for short periods, but because ginger nuts are raised only with baking soda / bicarbonate of soda, I wouldn’t keep the dough unbaked for more than 4-6 hours. The recipe makes between four and five dozen gingernuts, depending on how large you roll the pieces.

Recipe and method under the cut.

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