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Do Dis: List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on. This can be writing, art, vids, gifsets, whatever.

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Thanks For Playing (3) (No Actual Title Yet) - The next in my post-canon fic series after The Second Time Around. Dirk POV, focus on DirkJake and a natural emphasis on Dirk’s primary relationships in the limbo time spent on Earth C directly after opening the door but before the ectobabies and timeskip from the credits. I think I have mostly settled on making Jane the primary ancillary character in this (Roxy and Karkat played this role in the first one, Roxy and Jade in the second… so it will probably be Roxy and Jane in this one. Look I care a lot about Dirk and Roxy’s relationship okay.) We’ll see what she’s struggling with while Dirk and Jake go on adventures together to try and solve a garishly colored puzzle close to Jade’s heart. 

[I have… 4k-ish words written for this and a rough outline for the rest.] 

The Rafflesia Riddle (OR: The Silver Twlight Sister Versus The Ancient Corpse Queen) - A Rosemary Not-AU Sorta-Meteorstuck (Post-Retcon) wherein Rose and Kanaya dance around their developing relationship by expressing themselves through melodramatic gothic-lovecraftian roleplaying. It’s all about plausible deniability, people. (Until it’s not.) 

[This is fully outlined and I’m gonna start on it soon. Current outline is 4 acts with a few chapters each, so it will hopefully clock in somewhere between 12-15 chapters. I am depending heavily on my wife to ensure I finish this project sob I’m terrified of longfic. Vaguely inspired by the Homestuck Harlequin Challenge idea.]

DirkJake PWP (No Title Yet) - Post-Canon, Earth C. Jake is the famous (and famously hot) CEO of SkaiaNet, and he is a very busy guy, ok? He can’t help it if he has a lot of demands on his time. His mysterious tagalong boyfriend is just gonna have to chill out. Follow him around for awhile. Attend a few press conferences, watch a few advertising reels, become increasingly frustrated while Jake finds ways to cleverly and covertly tease him over the crowd of adoring public between them, you know how it is.

[I have this outlined and by that I mean I wrote a shitpost that could serve as a rough outline] 

Dirk/Jake/Brain Ghost Dirk One-Shot (No Title Yet) - Post-Canon, Earth C. Jake’s increasing control over his Hope powers results in a fascinating problem that might not really be a problem at all but hahaha yeah no it’s definitely a problem we just haven’t figured out where it is on the Sliding Scale Of Problems yet because let’s face it, this situation is REALLY CONFUSING FOR EVERYONE INVOLVED.

[I have this half written, it’s about 5k words so far. I’m KINDA STUCK on it right now but hoping to pick it up again soon.]

Davekat PWP (No Title Yet) - Meteorstuck, Post-Retcon, Dream Karkat on the meteor inevitably seeks Dave and his sleeping self out because what the fuck else is he going to do and whoops everyone has an aversion to open displays of affection and suffers from cripplingly low self esteem so I guess this is gonna be really awkward isn’t it

[I have like 8k words written on this and I swear to god I will finish it one day] 

ANOTHER DaveKat PWP (Still No Title Yet) - Post-Canon, Earth C, Dave convinces Karkat to sext with him (ironically of course) but Karkat doesn’t do anything god damn ironically, Dave, you hopeless fool. (Dave is trapped in a prison of his own making and it is delightful, I hope.) 

[This is another “I have an outline and by outline I mean a shitpost that spawned this entire idea” one but I currently still do intend to write it because every time I think about it I laugh up my own fucking sleeve forever.] 

Hex already tagged everyone I’d tag so I’m not gonna tag anyone >:[

Oh and I might still write a trickster dirkjake thing because I want to but I have done zero work on it yet (BUT I WANT TO)

okay so just imagine

a student-run radio station at samwell (WSUR) that sports teams take over for a week at a time so like one week it’ll be the womens soccer team and the next week it’ll be like the mens tennis team or something and the week after that it’ll be some other team and so on and just

  • at one point the men’s hockey team (including lardo) take over the station
  • ransom comes up with an excel sheet to coordinate classes and practice and shifts at the station because yeah they’re only there for a week but it is a commitment
  • b. knight in the morning (they’re not allowed to say shitty on the radio are you kidding) he literally plays everything just. anything he feels like playing that they have at the station
  • and really it’s an alternative station so bitty is SO OUT OF HIS COMFORT ZONE so he just ends up playing the most aggressively upbeat music he can find there (because they dont??? have any???? beyonce????????)
  • and jack zimmermann walking ball of stress plays all the angsty stuff that’s still somehow kinda chill???? how
  • lardo “music is my second art” duan has no problem adjusting whatsoever it’s like she is in another natural habitat outside of an art studio
  • “play-by-play with rans and holtzy” is literally like.. 90s alt rock/grunge/????? none of that modern alt that everyone else plays
  • the frogs got stuck working night shifts how tragic
  • sweet baby chowder from 11pm-2am
  • and derek malik nurse from 2-5am actually works perfectly because lets be real if youre listening to the radio that late at night/early in the morning you want the music to be like….. uber chill
  • dex kind of struck out and won at the same time???? like he was busy all week so he got stuck with sunday which hes actually totally cool with like one day all day thats cool
  • and basically if for some reason (read: kegsters) someone can’t go in on any given day someone else from the team fills in it works out okay

but anyway (this got really long omg)

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Happy 8 million subs! Since this is my fifth milestone celebration thingy, I don’t feel like repeating myself once again. 

So have a thing

Welcome to the fandom new Markiplites, here are some rules to follow: 

Be nice to other fans, especially the ones who have been here longer than you, feel free to draw fanart and write fanfics but if you post to the main tag keep it PG-13 (Mark’s rule not mine), ignore the anon hate and don’t believe a word of what they say (you’re worth more than that), we’re here to support and love each other and you can talk to any of us whenever you need or want to, there are tons of feels involved with this fandom (mostly the ‘Mark why?’ feels), charity livestreams are about once a month, respect his friends. They’re his friends. Not yours. So don’t speak to them like he speaks to them. (the ‘rude’ stuff and jokes that they make) It’s disrespectful and rude. (it’s been a problem in the past), Mark’s private life is not our business so stay out of it. What he does off camera (excluding all youtube videos, instagram posts, twitter posts, tumblr posts, and facebook posts, and occasional vines) is not our business. Don’t be in that 10% and make us all look bad. Also, just about everyone has a crush on Mark. So dont be creepy and weird and block-worthy by claiming him as yours. He’s not anybodys. You’re gonna get hate. We will ban together and it wont be happy fun times for you. Don’t send any type of hate. To anyone. Ever. You don’t know who they are or what they’re dealing with or if they’ll actually listen to you. 

Remember, Mark is a free spirit and does whatever the fuck he wants… And he’s an adult *cough* child and can do whatever he wants, even put himself through pain of some sort for our enjoyment/laughter… testing his limits?.. something.. but all that does is cause angst (the, uh, 'mark why?’ feels i was talking about). And whatever he does, he’s researched it a lot so its better to just trust that he knows he’ll be okay. (those impossible lets plays tho) (is he still gonna do the labor pain thing? Cuz…). 

And most importantly. Mark sees all. 

He’s almost always lurking in the tag. Unless we know that he’s off adventuring somewhere. It’s best to just assume he’s on. 

If it’s in the Markiplier tag, he’s gonna see it. Tumblr mobile searches all posts with the searched term on it, so even if the post isn’t tagged but his youtube name is somewhere on the post, it can come up. So use ‘mark’ if you dont want it to show up in a search but you want your followers to know who you’re talking about. 

It never fails, but every time Mark does something 

Originally posted by laughingtillweredead

and I wish I was exaggerating. And I’m sure he’s aware it happens so he continues to do things. Like get a hair cut and breathe and take off his glasses on camera and, you know. Things people do. His hair has its own fandom and every time he gets a haircut, there’s always someone freaking out. And its difficult to draw, apparently. I’m a writer, not an artist 

It’s best to not take everything so seriously, it’s more than likely to be a joke. Vlogs have the least amount of joking, he’s always super genuine and truthful about what he’s talking about and is always thankful for us supporting him and then he chokes up or starts getting super emotional and everyone else starts crying. That’s a pretty standard vlog. I personally don’t think he’ll ever be able to show us or tell us the full extent of how grateful and thankful he is for us and everything we’ve done as a community so he’ll keep saying it forever and all of eternity

Is this point #7? idk. His channel is supposed to be family friendly (it was when i joined, over a year ago) but its, in all honesty, not very much anymore. dick jokes everywhere. innuendos everywhere. It’s not a problem since he hasnt gone overboard with it. if you find that you dont like it, his earlier videos are there, but leaving isn’t going to offend us. 

The upper body muscles are relatively new, like, in the last six months. 

Milestones are about two months apart now. 

Don’t talk about bread. don’t ask about the I Am Bread game and don’t go watch Jacksepticeye’s complete(ish) playthrough of the game. We don’t speak of it. 

He’s either back on schedule or really close to being back on schedule with his 8AM and Noon PST upload times.

um. thats a good… breakdown… of what’s here..  

Everyone tries all the time to get Mark’s attention so don’t feel bad if he doesn’t see your post, art, fanfiction, or creativity contributed to the fandom. Just keep working on the thing, the other Markiplites will be just as supportive. 

Okay. I’ll stop now. This post got super long..