ish furoz

i love them so much.

my life is almost complete. i have met almost everyone constant member of the 1 girl 5 gay’s cast.i have met:

-david robert
-matt barker (many times)
-phillip tetro
-ish furoz
-jonathan nathaniel
-jonathan morton-shuster
-jake massop (4 times in 3 days)
-juan gonzalez-calcaneo
-andrew edwards II
-ian lynch
-dean mcarthur
-michael yerxa
-matthew santos (countless times)

ISH, <3
He is honestly the sweetest person you will ever meet in person. I been waiting FOREVER to meet him and today I did. The weird and interesting part was that he recognized me from twitter, yeah HE recognized ME first. It was an unbelievable moment for me, and the best part is that he called me his sister. Long story cut short, I call him my big brother and he calls me his little sister and now I know he legit calls him that *epp*. Anyways he told me that he apologizes that he doesn’t respond to me, but he loves my tweets. NEVER going to forget this day. :]