July Apparitions [10/10]

Lavender Line Railway Station, Isfield

“In 1915 a local girl recently married to her new husband had been waiting for a reply from him after he had recently been sent to the frontline to fight in the trenches. After many months she finally received a letter declaring that he had been killed in action, this news tore her apart to the point whereby she could take no more. 

After walking down through the village passes by found it strange that she was wearing the very white dress that she married in. Making her way down to Isfield station she walked down platform 1 without saying a word, clutching the sides of her wedding dress. At that point the early Fast train to Brighton was due to pass Isfield at speed, she knew this train was due to pass through so she calmly walked across the line in front of the speeding train. She was struck and killed instantly leaving the station devastated with not only the loss of local young men but also the loss of a grieving widow who could not bare to live without her husband.

Her ghost has been seen by many members over the years on a warm summer’s night, the White Lady can be seen walking to the far end of platform 1 where she stops, looks and slowly walks across the line where she has been seen to disappear just in front of the signal box where she was killed. On any evening at Isfield station be it in the warm summer months or during the damp cold winter there is always a cold presence at the end of Platform 1 where the spirit of the White Lady is said to lie.”

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