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For the love of animals; rescue and adoption


Humans-known as the epitome of God’s cosmos-the ones who can think logically, analyses things, cogitate intellectually, the ones who CAN bring out a change on this Earth if THEY want to and the ones who are born to take care and responsibility of others. Of course, we do that for the ones whom we love, for the things we are possessive about are kept with reverence and for our pets…well yeah…we do. But what about those voiceless, helpless and hapless guys outside our homes or out there on streets? The ones who have no one to love them, the ones out of some maybe some are limping, hurt, some maybe thirsty or starving, some may be suffering from disease..What about them? Do we leave them to the mercy of their fate? Why? Why can’t we take control and help them live a decent life if not a luxurious one?

We have a very strong organ within us-Heart. It beats every second for the ones whom we love, for the things we miss, for the things we want. As humans, we know the value of love and its power! Why can’t we share a small part of the large portion of love we care? The more love we spread, the better this place becomes, right? Instead of beating and abusing those guys, why don’t we think of them as a creation of the omnipresent and omnipotent God and love them? After all, they do not harm/interrupt us intentionally, do they? It’s not like, “Hey, that guy looks mean, let’s bark and scare the heck out of him!” These guys are actually scared of us! And they have every right to be! When do we actually behave as civilized humans with them? Agreed, they do somehow understand how they are being treated, if they are neglected or not, if they are loved or not but, they do not react the way we do! If they do react in a vindictive way, try and understand that this particular guy has seen a lot of rough days and the way we humans create a shield around us, they too cover their soft heart with the fierceness of their claws and teeth!

            Why am I referring to them as guys and not animals? The answer is because they could be better humans than we are today. They can love better. Think, when a lioness sees that her cub is in danger, she does all she can to protect it from danger. In front of my house, there are at least 5 stray dogs. Since we have a lot of greenery around and it is getting hotter every day, these guys loiter around. We as humans cannot tolerate the sun, thirst, hunger and we remedy it quickly. Can you think about them? Every day I give them food and water and they are so suspicious of it sniffing and stepping back.  I actually have to sit and talk with them, convince them it is safe, keep the stuff in front of them, only then do they relent and have it. The whole picture of them eating and slurping, slopping and then looking at me with those huge eyes, it conveys so much! It breaks my heart!

My point in telling this was to tell that just because they are animals and cannot speak, doesn’t mean they can’t FEEL! Every little step matters people! Setting water bowls in some shadowy cool area on the streets, feeding them, adopting the ones who are never adopted because of their looks, loving them. Every little step matters!

And it’s never like-it’s just a small step, it doesn’t matter. IT does MATTER! Not for the world maybe. But for the guy you are helping. Also, people do get influenced by what we do! Why not spread the word of love? Do something! If the guy is injured, get him treated, take care of him, let it heal and when it’s cured, just let go. Let him live his life! His freedom! We see so many rescue missions on educational channels, daily soaps and movies. Why not make rescue and love missions a part of our life?

Thanks to Maulishree Mishra of India for contributing this article to the ISF College Blog.



A group of kayakers near Pleneau Island on the Antarctic Peninsula captured video of this Leopard seal hugging one of their kayaks and hitching a ride. 

Cameraman Paul Scriver, posted this video Friday, explaining that the seal “found us and started being quite inquisitive." 

Leopard seals are currently classified as a species of least concern through the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List of Threatened Species, due to its relatively large population.

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Crude Oil Pipeline Disaster

This past Friday, an oil pipeline carrying Canadian Crude oil ruptured in Arkansas, this spill is currently being contained, but is an example of the detrimental effects and possible issues that could arise if the Keystone XL pipeline project moves forward.

Let’s continue the fight to stop the development of the Keystone XL, or we may be seeing more damage to our natural world caused by oil spills and human impacts.