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AsSalaamuwalaikum guys!

@safuratumbles , @rudegyalchina  and i are putting together a day to celebrate Black Hijabis on tumblr. It will be taking place on Friday, March 11th so after jummah take some dope selfies and upload them using the hashtag #BombBlackHijabis. We are trying to encourage a dialogue about the experience of black muslim women and we will have follow up conversations about this but visibility is the first step.    

so show up and show out!!!!

(Also we want to be inclusive of Black Muslimahs who don’t wear hijab so you can also hashtag #BombBlackMuslimahs)



Imam Zaid Shakir on Malcolm X

please watch this



Dr. Fatimah Jackson: Searching for a Meaningful African American Muslim Discourse

this lecture is amazing mashaAllah


Now that everything has processed ||

Last Wednesday was beautiful

It was the first Time I shared my struggles wearing the Hijab on stage without a large amount of anxiety coming with It. I wanted to thank you guys for helping me on my journey to recovery and being a better muslimah.
Alhamdulilah I came In fourth place and I’m really happy.