Feb 7, 2016 - Nancy Luce’s grave, in the West Tisbury Village Cemetery, with some of the chickens, and other things that have been left on it -taken on Oct 30, 2013

Nancy’s one wish was to be buried next to the graves of her beloved chickens on the family farm, but the town didn’t allow it, so over time, stone, porcelin and plastic chickens in particular, have been left on her grave, somewhat mysteriously left though since no one has ever witnessed anyone leaving anything on her grave.


Nov 20, 2015 - May -yesterday on her 12th birthday -wearing the birthday headband that my little nieces gave her on another birthday. It used to play Happy Birthday, but that stopped working.

I am so happy she made it to her 12th birthday, and made it this far after her diagnosis with bone cancer 15 months ago. If left untreated after diagnosis, dogs often have to be put down within 2-4 monhs due to the extreme pain from the rapidly growing tumor. The treatment of choice is amputation of the affected limb and a few rounds of chemo, which is what she had. Amputation to remove the primary tumor and eliminate the pain, and chemo to suppress any microscopic spread to the lungs, which can happen quite early in the disease. She did well with all of that, and thankfully still continues to do well. She moves around as if she had been born with 3 legs, racing wildly and barking after the squirrels in the trees. On her last recheck in Sept, her lungs were still clear. I am hoping that will remain the same on her next recheck in a couple of weeks.

She celebrated her 12th birthday with Sonia and Bandera. They all had a treat dinner,special dog cookies from a place in town, which were pretty but according to the dogs, not as good as last year’s version, and vanilla icecream which we all enjoyed :)

I love her so much, and am so glad she is still with me. She made it to 12, full of energy, feisty and joyful as ever. I hope she will continue to stay well, and feel good, and hope she will be be able to celebrate her 13th birthday next year. In the meantime, we continue forward, day by day, enjoying, and savoring each moment that comes along.

It seems the universe has sent me a chilly Valentine on the surface of my pond :) …very in keeping with the winter we have been having.

Actually, this photo was not from today but from a week ago when one warmer day than usual, just a day before this snowy one, had melted the ice back around the waterfall into this heart shape, which drew me outside immediately with my camera. There was something quite wonderful about its sudden appearance.

When I took this it was snowing yet again, and I have to admit, quite beautifully. I took quite a few photos of this heart from different angles, knowing its time there would be brief, some of them capturing it better than this shot, but somehow only two got uploaded. I am not sure what I did, but think I formatted the card without checking first to make sure all photos had been uploaded…a very rare thing for me to do, so this image will have to do.

The heart’s sudden, unusual appearance on the pond was too timely not to put up for Valentine’s Day :)

When one of my Greyhounds, Lacy, died last year I planted an eastern white pine next to her grave. This was the second year I put lights on it. I really love the way it looks lighted up at the edge of the woods. I liked it so much last year I kept the lights on it well into January, which I will no doubt do again.


Dec 9, 2014 - wild New England nor'easter today -all ferries canceled -a series of through-the-windshield-shots

I had to go to Edgartown today to take May for a pre-chemo blood test. I will be taking her off-Island for her 4th chemo on Thurs. It had been delayed from Nov 25 because of low white blood count which can happen when under chemo treatment.

Afterwards, I took the long way back from Edgartown to Vineyard Haven by way of Oak Bluffs so I could travel by way of the north shore road that has great views of Vineyard Sound which I knew would be wild in this nor'easter. I always like to take the longer and more scenic way back.

Jan 1, 2013 - a cold beach walk with May

I went back to Harthaven beach on the first day of the new year, this time with a bit more light in the day. My dog May and I walked a half mile up the beach to where it is bisected by a narrow channel that leads to a small private harbor. In this shot we were headed back. It was a terribly cold day with a biting and brisk NW wind which we had to walk straight into on our way back. I was freezing and couldn’t get back to the car soon enough, and despite my gloves my hands were numb and even painful. Was not sure I could even get them to function to take a pic, but did manage to get this one shot.

December 31, 2012 - beach walk in late afternoon -Oak Bluffs, MA

Took a walk with my dog May late this afternoon on a beach I have never been on. It was cold and a bit late in the day…dusk really…so we lost the light pretty fast, but just wanted to end the year with a walk by the ocean. Small flocks of sanderlings would scurry ahead of us, then take flight, and disappear into the dimming light. It was a nice walk for the last day of the year.