First snow today, Tues Nov 12 - the red leaves on the left are what remains of the leaves on one of the Japanese maples.

I am not ready for snow, nor winter, but this first light snow today was beautiful. It lightly coated everything it touched. I knew it wouldn’t last long so I actually rushed out with my camera, dressed more for the bedroom than the outdoors. This photo and the ones to follow will show some of the things I found on this somewhat cold adventure around my yard and gardens.

Feb 14, 2015 - Pink tulips to cheer up the long winter days

This pic was taken during the last blizzard we had here on Jan 27, and now we are on the eve of another one, not to mention the many other snow, sleet, and ice storms we have had in between during the last couple of weeks. It feels like we have been under seige. In the last one I was snowed in for 3 days, living down a long dirt road that mostly isn’t plowed. The road is still not very good, like slipping onto a trolley track of pure ice. There have been some close calls in my old 1996 Jeep Cherokee, but thankfully…so far..I have made it back and forth on the road, and up the hill to my house in one piece. What a winter this has been here on the East coast!!…. after being lulled into thinking it wouldn’t be too bad after our milder than usual Dec.

All the snow covered ground has turned to ice now in the brutally cold temperatures we have been having, so treacherous to walk anywhere. With farm animals and wood heat, it has been a very difficult two weeks and it seems like all of that won’t be ending soon. The temperature was -2 outside my house this morning, which is quite unusual for the Island, but we have been experiencing extremely cold temperatures since the middle of Jan. The last time I looked they were predicting another blizzard for tonight through Sunday with bitter cold temperatures, gusts of hurricane force winds, and possibly 12+ inches of snow to add to what we already have. My road ought to be really interesting after this next one :)

I have written before about how I had bought pink tulips on a whim one winter around Jan, and placed them in a vase next to a window that gets a lot of light, and how much they brighten the atmosphere, and one’s mood. They really do. The lighter colors like a soft pink work the best, because the play of light is so interesting on them. Darker colors don’t work as well. I tried white once, but it lacked the sense of hopefulness of the pink. If you are feeling low, do it!!..put some tulips in a windows with light. I promise you, in the midest of a long, cold, and possibly depressing winter, it will cheer you up.

Valentine’s Day, much like Mother’s Day, is not always an easy day for many, with all the commercial hype surrounding the day, and the differing circumstances in our lives at the time it comes along, not to even mention the dreadful, and incredibly depressing news that rains down on us on a daily basis now.

Nevertheless, I wish you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day :) Go get some pink tulips!! :)


Dec 9, 2014 - wild New England nor’easter today -all ferries canceled -a series of through-the-windshield-shots

I had to go to Edgartown today to take May for a pre-chemo blood test. I will be taking her off-Island for her 4th chemo on Thurs. It had been delayed from Nov 25 because of low white blood count which can happen when under chemo treatment.

Afterwards, I took the long way back from Edgartown to Vineyard Haven by way of Oak Bluffs so I could travel by way of the north shore road that has great views of Vineyard Sound which I knew would be wild in this nor’easter. I always like to take the longer and more scenic way back.

One of my Greyhounds, May, or May-May, as she has been renamed by my little nieces, sleeping on the guest room bed, or trying to if it weren’t for the photographer disturbing her :) Greyhounds really like their comfort, and know what pillows are for. She just turned 10 on Nov 20. I need to find a way to slow down time. - taken on the last day of November.


June 2013 - and suddenly it happened…

Walking around the farm field at the end of May, and heading home, there was sunlight overhead and then there were suddenly raindrops falling which took you back for a second, and then I thought “where is the rainbow?” …well..I turned around and this is what I saw. I actually couldn’t believe it for a moment, because it was just one of those things you say, never expecting it to actually happen. I quickly grabbed a shot, and it was then I noticed that it was actually a double rainbow, but the second one being very faint and barely visible at the time, and here also.

I ran around the fenced field trying to get as many shots as I could from maybe a better angle, but it was fading as fast I ran, and the last shot in this group is all I caught before it faded away completely.

It seems the universe has sent me a chilly Valentine on the surface of my pond :) …very in keeping with the winter we have been having.

Actually, this photo was not from today but from a week ago when one warmer day than usual, just a day before this snowy one, had melted the ice back around the waterfall into this heart shape, which drew me outside immediately with my camera. There was something quite wonderful about its sudden appearance.

When I took this it was snowing yet again, and I have to admit, quite beautifully. I took quite a few photos of this heart from different angles, knowing its time there would be brief, some of them capturing it better than this shot, but somehow only two got uploaded. I am not sure what I did, but think I formatted the card without checking first to make sure all photos had been uploaded…a very rare thing for me to do, so this image will have to do.

The heart’s sudden, unusual appearance on the pond was too timely not to put up for Valentine’s Day :)

Feb 24, 2015 - Sea ice

Yesterday was a very cold day in the low teens when I stopped by Eastville Beach in Oak Bluffs to look at the incredible build up of sea ice that had accumulated in Vineyard Haven’s outer harbor, a result of the unusually cold temperatures we have been enduring for the last month…historic temperatures and snow. Standing on the beach this was the view looking northwest across Vineyard Sound to the mainland in the far distance. The closer piece of land on the left is West Chop, which forms the western border of the outer harbor. It was quite an amazing sight, as if you were suddenly transported to some far northern part of the world.

When one of my Greyhounds, Lacy, died last year I planted an eastern white pine next to her grave. This was the second year I put lights on it. I really love the way it looks lighted up at the edge of the woods. I liked it so much last year I kept the lights on it well into January, which I will no doubt do again.

Luna Moth (Actias luna) resting in late afternoon- June 2010

I was coming home from my walk with the dogs late one June afternoon in 2010, and as I climbed the hill to my house, I suddenly picked up on this Luna moth hanging from a branch just to one side of the path. It was quite cleverly camouflaged, so was amazed I even saw it. I took the dogs back home and returned to get a pic of it, hoping it was still there and it was. I had never seen one during the day in such a natural setting, which made me think this is the way the adult Luna moths must spend their daytime hours in their very short life of about a week.