Lets go on an adventure!

Adori took Iseul to Scotland, first they arrived to shore at Newcastle, the sea looked beautifull there (first two photo’s) 

Then they went to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, an Isle that you can only visit when it’s ebb, because then the road is dry and you can drive there, when it’s flood the water reaches it and you cannot cross. On the Isle there is the monachstary of Lindisfarne, it is very old, founded in the first century already, the current ruins date back to the middlelages. (third to fifth photo) 

But the best thing was Urquhart castle! The ruins were a great thing to discover but the best was that it’s situated next to Loch Ness and Adori thinks he discovered Nessie! Iseul didn’t see him and she’s not sure if she should believe her big brother ;) (Photo six)

The nature was also unbelievable beautifull, they went to visit Glenturret which is beautifull and also had a rich Whiskey Distillery history. Adori discovered a small waterfall there. Iseul also loved going into the mountains and discover lots of little streams and looking at the young lambs that ran around. (Photo seven, eight and nine)

And last but not least, they had to climb one of the stone walls, whole Scotland is divided by them, some are hundreds of years old. Stacked from stones found in the area the little walls are designed to keep the sheep in or out! 

want it more // Taekseul

This was a completely familiar scene to Taekyeon, Iseul curled under the blankets, silver hair strewn across the pillow. Taekyeon checked the clock, small black wrapped box sitting on his lap. 11:58, October 12. Iseul’s birthday was in two minutes. He set the box aside and gently shook the younger boy awake, hand brushing against his cheek. “Iseul, baby. You gotta wake up.” He murmured, gazing fondly at the boy. He fidgeted nervously with the box as Iseul stirred, worrying about if Iseul would love the present he had so meticulously worked on for the last couple of days. He’d put all his other work on hold so that he could focus on making the best present ever for Iseul, wanting the boy to feel loved and appreciated on his birthday. 



[Iseullive] Nell - 기억을 걷는 시간 (Time Spent Walking Through Memories)


So instead of making dinner I decided to just say -F**K it- and give Iseul a face-up, the second layer fogged over really bad… but it’s above 85% humidity so I kind of expected it. I just winged it and then gave her another thick layer of MSC that I had dry in the livingroom (which I usually don’t because of the smell and the pets) and it fixed it!!! :D It might fog over later but for now I’m happy. I didn’t give her eyeliner and maybe I should’ve… I dunno, I do like the very natural look and it goes really well with her character. 

She’s my little bringer of spring <3 Look at her little happy face! *melts*

I really hope the humidity will go down later this week cause I reaaaly want to start on all the other commissions to, they are so much fun to paint.