Trilobite Beetle:  Meet a Bizarre and Rare Insect

National Geographic Young Explorer Mark Wong found this strange-looking beetle while walking through the jungle in Singapore. It’s a rare and mysterious female trilobite beetle, an ancient-looking insect that has kept scientists baffled for nearly two centuries. 

(via: National Geographic)

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~ sorry guys for taking me so long to write this article. I was supposed to post this last thursday but I’ve been very busy with all I have to do before moving to the US next week. ~

One of the reasons I love flowers and plants it’s because if you think about it, we are just like them, and thinking like that can help you understand very simple advices we have heard before. After all, we are like flowers, and our life is like a flower garden.

we need sun,because that’s how flowers bloom. Sometimes the sun won’t show up, but you have your own sun, and as nice as it is feeling the sunlight warming up your skin, your own special sun warms you from the inside, maybe your sun is the person you love the most in the entire world, maybe that day your sun is the stranger you met in the coffee shop, maybe your sun is you own mood, as you walk down the city with a smile in your face, always find a reason to feel warm and happy. We need water, so you can grow healthy and beautiful.  feed yourself with nothing but the best, eat anything you like but with moderation, remember, when a plant is over watered, the roots are unable to breathe. Beware of weeds! besides looking ugly, these are the worst for your flower garden, they usurp water and nutrients that you and your flowers need, so surround yourself with people who actually love you, and support you. You and your flower garden are too beautiful for weeds and isects. Get rid of dead leaves and petals, it’s an important task to keep up with in the garden throughout the growing season. You are constantly changing and evolving. There are going to be lots of ups and downs, but as long as you remember that it’s alright to move on for your own good, to an even more colorful flower, then you’ll be ok, it may feel like a tedious, never-ending garden chore, but the new blooms spawned from this task can make the extra effort worth it. Also, we need time and dedication, to grow, to change. A garden takes it’s time. Be patient and take care of yourself the right way, don’t go the easy way because the most beautiful flower gardens are not made in a day, and it's ourselves we are talking about, so it’ll be worth it. Don’t forget to plant new seeds,think about trying new thinks, and think about your future. It can be headache but if you don’t, who else will? And if someone does, is it going to be what you really want? So take your time with this one. Decorate your garden, how ever you want to,it’s you, it’s yours.

xo, Jimena (buhnies)