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What are the things that can make you sad?

Remembering things that hurt me or remembering my mistakes or the things that I should have said but didn’t because I was damn scared or shy. And thinking about how I was happy back when I was a kid and how depressed I am now. How people don’t understand me and says things that are hurtful and won’t even let me talk and they don’t even realized that it took alot of courage for me, I get scared all the time just by talking to anybody.

What is the most treasured memory you have?

Everything that happend on September 24 last year. And my father and mother carrying me and acting like throwing me but not, it’s like a game. That was the reason why I liked to be carried. I feel happy. They are both my “most treasured memory”. I can’t pick one.

What would you do if you accidentally find out that you were adopted?

I would get shocked but no hard feelings. I think maybe I wouldn’t ask about who my real parents are, I don’t want to know. That would be scary, to know that there are people who are my relatives and I don’t even know them but they have the right to keep me.

Tell something about your best asset.

I don’t know. Cheeks maybe, people kept on pinching them and telling me that I am “cute”, I am skinny tho, but my cheeks

aren’t. IDK. I am so insecure about everything.

When do you think is the right time to fall in love?

When you’re mature enough I think, but these things cannot be stopped, but never ever force yourself to “be inlove” just because other people are. You’ll end up hurting other people and mostly yourself because you’ll get too attached to that person and then you’ll make a really big mistake and then you’ll realize that you are not ready.

Love when you are sure that you are really inlove with that person. And use your brain. There are some things that cannot be brought back. Like your first kiss or your virginity and stuffs.

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made?

Lying because I was not sure. And repeating because I thought I was sure but wasn’t. At yung pagsasabi ng bagay na hindi dapat dahil naunahan ako ng init ng ulo at galit.

And losing the very person who I think I should have cared. And I really think I cannot fix this.

Give me one word that would describe your connection with God?

Transparent. Sometimes it cannot be seen but it is there. I don’t often talk to God. I always talk to Jesus. And googled just now if Jesus is God, and he is just the son of God. I know that believe that there is a God even if I don’t get to see or talk to him. I think he is just there.

If you were granted one power, what would it be?

To turn back time. That would be fun and I can change every mistake.

No. I want to be able to make people read my mind and me to read theirs. I was never good with words, especially when I’m talking to people, they always get mad before I even get to the bottom of explaining, but if they see my thoughts I’ll be easier maybe. 

I don’t think running away and changing my problems would be right.

If you have wings for a day, where would you go?

To the sky and I’d stay there until before my wings disappear.

Ever loved someone you hated before?


What makes your knees weak?

Running. XD

Questions  for the people I tagged:

1. Greatest regret ever?

2. Are you happy?

3. Do you miss anybody and who?

4. Favorite movie?

5. What are your basis to know if you already love someone?

6.One thing you would like to do before you die?

7. Greatest lie ever?

8. Most embarrasing thing that ever happened to you?

9. What is the one thing that you’re afraid to tell anybody but you want to? (Don’t be afraid. ^__^ )

10. One people you would like to be with during a zombie invasion?

11.Would you rather spend your life with someone who you loved more or with someone who loves you more?

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