minimalist posters - fav people

Alex ~ grey’s anatomy - ajaja i know you love that tv show your poster was the first i made so it looks little weird

Elina ~ finnish flag - my finnish blondieee

Joana ~ barcelona - yah you love that club as much as i love you :*

Evelyn ~ lotr ring - myy movie soulmate <3

heart for all of ya

Katya ~ photoshop logo - my psd queen ^^

Julia ~ this is supposed to symbolise david luiz lol - my geezer :*

Mel ~ real madrid - my madridistaa :*

Rupinder ~ hockey - aghh i wanted to put drogba but you’re my hockey mate after all :)

part 1 ;)


Happy Birthday to my tumblr twin KATYA!!!!

Kat is the best best friend i have found ever and the fact that we have to live in different countries is so unfair. Talking to you is the highlight of my day. I hope you have a great day, year, life and we’ll keep crying over this club together. I wanted to send you Robin but well you’ll have to do with a gif. I so wish we could celebrate our birthday together but well. so i tried to make this gifset with all the people and teams you like and i hope you like it. And oh, I love you!!

anonymous asked:

URLs: azpi, benzemass, iscosuarez, iamisco (ps i luv your edits!)

wow thankk youu lol

azpi: I really loveeee her blog and her url its gr9

benzemass: Omfg Natalia is my fave person okay everything about her is perf and her blog is one of my favesss and i love her soo much kk

iscosuarez: i wonder who she killed to get that url but anyways i love her edits and stuff but she a man u fan lol

iamisco: I loooove nicole annd her blog (her sidebar omfg cats isco and benz together i cant) and our love for kitties are infinite bye