why can’t people understand that you can still be a “girly girl” and like soccer? Like what is so hard to believe? I like makeup and clothes and all that shit I’m just like you, but I still enjoy soccer very much , and no it’s not because the players are hot it’s because I enjoy this sport and who plays in it .


And this is how “si tu eres mi bro, yo soy tu pisha” started:

Isco: Marco and I are good friends, he is my pisha and I’m his bro.

Marco: We had a discusion in a rondo, so I approached him and told him: Isco, if you are my bro, I am your pisha, so from then on we always say it. It’s very funny

me @ Real Madrid: okay team .. I’m about to take a picture .. this is going on the internet so please act as natural as you can :))))))

Sergio & Luka: *pose like a duo that got disqualified from synchronized swimming for being incredibly unsynchronized*

Cristiano: *poses like he’s competing with Kendall Jenner to cover the next issue of a popular magazine*

Isco: *just listened to a “Crank That” by soulja boy for the first time in his life and this is how he’s dealing with it*

Real Madrid:


When the starting lineup is announced, Isco and Morata joke about their place on the “menu” {} | February 26, 2017