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i am so psyched to get to know the fandom (both franchise and its people better) but in the mean time let it be known i am ready to Embrace The Pain and i'd love to write but i have no idea what exactly so!!! if anyone wants to see me cry over writing ur pairing i am always here for some Suffering

Hey, everybody, go welcome this girl to the fandom and send her some OTP prompts!

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hey guys, i finally decided to make my first follow forever! i’m glad i got the chance this year to get to know a lot of awesome people on this site. you’re all babes and i’m just really thankful for the friends i made, but also for the people i don’t talk to on a regular, who make my tumblr experience enjoyable. you deserve all the happiness in the world (you really do) and i wanna wish everyone great holidays and a good start into the new year. i can’t thank you enough for brightening my days by simply being awesome. :)

special shout out to the gang

(thx for sticking around my sorry ass, i love you dearly!)

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awesome people being awesome

(some of you won’t know me but that’s okay lmao)

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I’ve reached 2,000 followers! Thank you so much!!!! ♡ I wouldn’t have made it this far if it hadn’t been for your support. I love you all so much and I’m so grateful for every single one of you  (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

I’ve decided to do a follow forever because I haven’t done one in ages and I’d like to show my appreciation for the amazing blogs I follow. You guys make me look forward to coming online and it’s always a pleasure seeing you on my dash!!

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this tweetfic started pretty much because of the episode, LARP and the Real Girl (klhsfalhhfiohoifhn bRILLIANT EPISODE) and it was this one innocent tweet that sparked everything (my twitter’s @makopentecost, btw, if you’re interested)

dean not understanding nerdspeak

dean trying to understand nerdspeak for cas   dean squinting while cas tries to explain geek terminology dean giving up and yanking cas over to make out instead

jock!dean being really awkward and hesitant to approach the geek table but doing so anyway bc end goal cas and HE WILL AT LEAST TRY, GDI

jock!dean being awkward as fuck when dweeb!cas starts going off tangent about something geeky but then getting lost in the way cas is so PASSIONATE

jock!dean sneaking glances at dweeb!cas at the geek clique’s table where he’s lighting up talking about something nerdy or the other

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