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Okay but do you guys ever just think about the endless possibilities with Free/Haikyuu/YOI crossovers? Like I know Yuri On Ice characters would go to Winter Olympics and not summer, but imagine Victor and Yuuri and whoever else going to the summer 2020 games in Tokyo. And Haru and Rin could be Olympic swimmers (Makoto and rest of boys would be in the crowd supporting for sure) and some of the Haikyuu boys could be on the national volleyball team and it would just be???? So good???

Sorry I just love sports anime and I love the Olympics.

Actually, what am I apologizing for?


S e i r i n ’ s “ We will be the best in Japan ”

I w a t o b i ’ s “ For the Team ”


listen up kids

i did this before and it blew up so i’m going to do it again

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