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top five albums >:3

Amusement Parks on Fire - Out Of The Angeles
Mos Def - Black on Both Sides
Joao Gilberto & Stan Getz - Getz/Gilberto
My Bloody Valentine - Loveless
Fugazi - In On the Killtaker

Last one is my blog’s background lol

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teen top~

my bias order: L.Joe, Changjo, everyone else
my current favourite song by them: To You. omg it’s so catchy. everytime I listen to it it gets stuck in my head. Or Soup I Love.
member I want to be best friends with: l.joe !
member I’d want as my sibling: ……ide
who I like to pair any other the members with: alkdfjasdfk idk. I’m not quite into the TT fandom ㅠ so if I should be shipping anyone, let me know. ha!
if I own any albums of theirs (if so, pictures): nope
if I have any posters of them (if so, pictures): no :c

ready for unpopular opinion time.
Well I don’t know the members’ personalities well but L.Joe is like a god, a barely overaged god in a group of not so attractive other boys. idk. If I knew them personally that’d be better. and Neil scares me. idk. Something about him. and the twins from Boyfriend too. aklsfja;sldfk

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lmao super love!!! omg l. joe is sexy~ neils lips are hugeee, thats what scares me about him a bit lol

thank you! Someone understands. big lips aren’t my thing. (Angelina Jolie, ew…………………………. cue Hongki. Jolieeeeeee . Joooollliiiieeeeeeeee.) They’re what bumped Kikwang to #2 on my Beast bias list. His aren’t too bad though. ^^