name: …
birthday: the 6th of January
age: …Don’t you know it’s rude to ask a lady her age?
hobbies: reading, doodling, pretending to be smart, sleeping, eating, watching anime/movies/cartoons, fooling around, procrastinating 
favorite food: meat balls, minced meat, pizza, chocolate covered pomegranate, etc. (I’m a foodie. Don’t ask that question.)
favorite artist: *the type of person who goes ‘pretty!’ at art and then forgets the artist’s name*
favorite show: I don’t watch TV. But does anime count? Because Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood is awesome.
favorite character: Right now? Nathaniel from the Bartimaeus Trilogy
pet peeve: people needlessly complicating things

and, when you get this, give five facts about yourself and then pass it on to ten of your followers.

1) I am a procrastinator of the ultimate degree

2) And I am trying to revolutionize my life

(We have an internal conflict here, people)

3) I have too many interests

4) I’ve recently discovered I am nerdier than I thought

5) I am a wanna-be writer and philosopher doing architecture

isawpikachu asked:

Ron weasley. Luna lovegood.

Woah, Thank you <3I thought you already knew about these though? I miss you btw

Ron Weasley: Something you’re afraid of?

If there’s one thing that frightens me, it would probably be.. being alone or being lonely. Loneliness eats me away, I just can’t /).(\

Luna Lovegood: One thing that makes you different from everybody else

I’m very (too) kind to anyone and everyone :3 It’s good sometimes, but most of the time.. it’s a bad thing 

I have
A face that is too round
A nose that is too big
Hair that is too short
Eyebrows that are too thick
Too much fat in wrong places
Eyes prone to squint
An uneven complexion
Eyelashes that are too thin
A body that is too short
Goose bumps and freckles on my skin
That I forgot all the good things.

-thoughts that come frequently
—  Isawpikachu