Day One - Why do you love Ian? 

Why do I love Ian? The easy answer would be because he’s such a beautiful man, sexy, charming, like probably no one else walking on this planet.
The truth is, Ian is MUCH MORE than that. I think that the trait that makes me really love him it’s his PURE HEART OF GOLD. And, sadly, this is a not a thing you can easily find on people, even more difficult is to find a wonderful man with a wonderful soul matching his unbelievable good looks. But Ian is all of this and more.
He’s compassionate towards people and towards animals and nature. He loves our planet and its creatures so much that he started the ISF to make the difference and try to make the Earth a better place, not only for us, but for future generations, too. He is so passionate about his causes, he believes in them and he has the ability to move people with his ideas, so we can all do something good.
Last, but not least, he is always so dedicated to his fans, it could seem not real, but it is. He always tries to find time for them, to give them a smile, an hug, a photo, anything. He doesn’t eat, or sleep, if it means having less time to spend with them. He loves all of us genuinely.
Nothing in this man is fake. He’s always a very down on earth man, honest, kind and lovely. And after having the luck of meeting him, I can assure you that he is exactly like this, no fake façade, just a beautiful man with a big and pure heart.



DAY 1 - Why do you love Ian?

 Because he is the most inacreditavel human that exists. God did with the gift of compassion, love, happiness, humility, simplicity, and not least of beauty. Ian came into my life and left happier, “light.” It was on his way to being won “us” that we are proud to be called “Somerholic”.

Today and forever will wish all the good in his life, that aims all his plans, and confront (and win) their challenges. Love you, Ian Joseph Somerhalder.


Day Four - Favorite Ian’s role in a movie/show

I think everyone who knows me is well aware of my endless love for Damon Salvatore and, most of all, for the incredibly talent Ian has in playing him in such a perfect way. Damon’s character is branded in my soul in ways I think no character has ever before, and this is mostly because of Ian. Every emotion, every facial expression, every tear, every smirk, every sexy moment, every single shade of Damon’s complex personality are so real and alive because Ian pours his heart in this character and it’s something clearly visible when you look at Damon. All of Ian’s passion and emotions, are so linked to Damon, it would be impossible to me to imagine someone else playing him. Ian is Damon and Damon is Ian, in all the good ways.
BUT I have a freaking soft spot for Ian playing the good guy, too, and I loved him playing Tyler in “Wake” so much. The movie is super cute and funny and Ian’s so comfortable in that role, so sweet and lovely, that my heart melts every time I rewatch it. Plus, short hair, rosy cheeks and that smile? How could I even resist? And I don’t mind if Ian keeps saying he’s not that good on playing those kind of roles, because, in my humble opinion, he’s believable playing both the good and the bad guy, because he’s amazing and talented like that.