49. At first, when Sam called Freddie "Bacon", he was offended. Later, as he was contemplating his difficult decision, the reference popped into his mind once again. "Sam wasn't in love with Moseby," he thought. "She was in love with the bacon." He smiled a little to himself and continued his mind rambling. "I'm the bacon." Althought it took Freddie a while to make this connection, Sam had been very aware of it during her "hero/bacon" speech.

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Can I just say that iSaved Your Life is like one of my favorite episodes ever?

I feel like that’s probably a weird thing for a Seddier to say.

I honestly think, though, that it’s one of the funniest episodes there is. I’m admittedly always just a tiny bit hesitant to watch it because Carly and Freddie kissing just… weirds me out a little, but then when I watch it I’m like, “OH RIGHT, THIS EPISODE IS HILARIOUS.”

Plus, come on. Freddie breaks up with Carly because of something SAM says to him. Sam cares enough about Freddie that she doesn’t want him hurt when Carly realizes she’s not in love with him, and Freddie trusts Sam enough that he takes what she says to heart and realizes that she’s right. How is this episode NOT FANTASTIC?

i just have a lot of feelings about this episode ok

Response to Becca’s 12 day Seddie Challenge.

Day 1 favorite Seddie episode; iSaved Your Life.


Many people always see this as a built on Creddie episode. For the fact that Carly ‘falls in love’ with him for a week and they date. I admit the first time I saw this episode I was a bit (okay a lot) peeved off. I honestly couldnt stand sitting through 30 minutes of Carly and Freddie making out. Not only did it brake my seddie heart but it was just disgusting. Mainly because I see Carly/Freddie more as a brother and sister than as a romantic couple.

The more I saw the episode, the more I began to see it was actually a seddie episode other than the given thought. What made me so sure of this was the fun facts given by Dan on this episode.

Sam freely admits that the idea of Carly and Freddie as a couple makes her “want to puke up blood.”  Why?  Interesting stuff to think about. ;) - Dan Schneider

 We made Sam almost amused by it… in a bit of a mocking way ("Well, good morning Mr. and Mrs. Benson!").  So, why doesn’t Sam take it more seriously?  Maybe because Sam is fairly confident the relationship wouldn’t last – and she was right - Dan Schneider

Freddie: Jealous?