Isa, John and Brie are getting their own little gallery.  Yes, I have a few more, but these are some of my favs from the weekend.

1.  Punk! Watson, Moriarty and Sherlock based on Cara McGee’s art

2.  Isaqueer fanart!  

3.  ”None of the cabs would take me.”

4.  I’m trying to think of something clever to write, but I just keep thinking that John is very, very lucky.


When Wings got here, we took the little Australian vegetarian (I think she does it just to rhyme) out grocery shopping so that she wouldn’t starve. We picked up some bananas for her to snack on. I warned her that Isa never eats the last banana, so she had to promise to eat it or else it would go bad.

And then I realized that it would register in Isa’s mind that the second to last banana would be the “last” banana for her to eat. I even said “crap, this means Isa will stop at the second to last banana and we’ll have two rotten bananas left over”

One week later…

Last night Brie was making her harpoon and I was making my wig and we were just there talking about cosplay things and eating cookies and drinking caffeine (we both are addicts—her to coffee, myself to diet coke) and I had to sit back and think that wow. this girl that I saw on tumblr whose cosplay I really liked flew in from Australia and now she’s in my apartment and we’re last minute costuming and she’s telling me about props because she knows more than me and I’m telling her about fabric aND IT WAS JUST BEAUTIFUL OKAY?! LIKE THE MOST AMAZING COLLABORATION SINCE REAPERSEX AND I JUST WANTED EVERYONE TO KNOW HOW IMPORTANT THAT MOMENT WAS FOR ME BECAUSE YOU GUYS ARE WHAT MADE IT POSSIBLE SO THANK YOU.