isaqueer moves



I’ve got a shitty back and teeny arms so I’ve been packing the smaller things and getting the larger pieces ready for moving

But wow, John and Matt are really knocking it out

Couple more hours? Not much left, but the hallway is super-narrow and difficult to maneuver anything through

How Can I Help Isaqueer Move? The Guide

Tomorrow (Thursday): Around 2:00p we’re packing big items into a pick up truck to move them to house. We’ll probably be doing this until around seven or eight an all help is appreciated since we have smaller things to go as well

Friday: Painting party!!!! Around 5pm we’ll start masking off trim and everything to prepare to prime the walls! If you want pictures of/with/around the apartment before then is your chance! (Liiiiiiiiiike Thursday!)

Saturday: The Last Day. This is the last day that we’re allowed in the apartment which means cleaning and crying about how empty everyhing is and trying to coax The Glow Stain out from the carpet. It’s tempermental.
We may also need help unpacking at the house? Undetermined…

As always, message for phone number and address!
We’re in Orlando, at the intersection of Rouse and Colonial moving to roughly Chickasaw and Lake Underhill
And sleep accomodations are avilable on Friday and Saturday nights!

Thank you for reading!!!!

Motel House is a block from the hospital.Dedicated viewers know that this is a very good idea.

We’re also near the interstate which I’ll now need to get to school,
but my exit doesn’t have an Eastbound ramp or Westbound exit so the road is only good for going and coming from the opposite direction.

Instead, I’ll have to use the next major road; Dean Rd.

In conclusion, I have to jump on Dean before school and get off on Dean afterwards

If you think that I will get tired of that joke at any point in time you are wrong.