My thoughts on Sengoku Basara

Director: We need to get this guy shirtless

Animator: ?

Director: Ok, let’s get him shot

Director: Put more muscle on him

Animator: Sir, he’s actually pretty slender-

Director: Okay wrap him up in bandages

Animator: Sir-

Director: Send him out

Animator: Sir, how close do you want their faces to be?

Director: This close.

Animator: Sir, there is no space between your fingers

Director: This close

Animator: Is Kenshin a guy or a girl?

Director: ABS

Animator: Sir that does not answer the

Director: Abs

Animator: Sir

Director: Yes

Director: Have Oichi’s shadow monsters run their hands over Sanada’s well-toned torso while he makes suggestive noises.

Director: Very good

Animator: Sir, is this really necessary?

Director: Do you understand how important to the plot this is

Animator: Still, I feel like we are-

Director: The importance must not be underestimated.

Animator: Sir, having cherry blossom petals flying around while Kojuuro and Masamune talk is definitely not important.

Director: …..

Animator: ….

Director: Piece of shit air it.