Hello, friends.
I’ll get straight to the point. I need money, terribly. I’m in debt and I have no face to ask more from my parents. Today I found myself counting the last bits. So since I’m in the the mid-year break, I decided to open up comissions. These will mostly be fasties, like sketch comissions, but I’m also open for offers for full paintings.

Tradational comissions could be sent to you personally other than scans, as postcards as such if you want to. Might take a bit more because of the shipping and location, but I will scan it first, then send it.

Once spoken about the piece, slight changes might be made according to the details and such; up or down; but it will be somewhere around these. I CANNOT draw porn, I’m sorry. I might draw gore though, we need to talk about that.

Have to make this PayPal only, because of the place I live in. I’ve only written dollars but I accept euro as well, same price more or less. I’d like to have the payments upfront but I understand if you don’t want to, so it is your choice between this or that: For sketch comissions I will have the payment upfront; for more detailed work, the half will be paid before, when I showed the sketch, then I will send the full picture at the same time I have the rest. I’m sorry, but this is how it should be. I need to guarantee myself as well.

If interested, you can contact me through Any questions can come to me through my ask or mail.

You can also support me on patreon as well!

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