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Control - Chapter Five

Too Far

Cowritten and Proofread by @aoimikans

Artwork by @juustozzi at the bottom :)

Toshinori’s tail flicked from side to side as Recovery Girl pulled the needle from his inner elbow, pressing and taping a wad of gauze to the red pin-prick. Turning, she returned to her desk and tucked the drawn blood vial into a small travel sleeve.

“Be careful with that,” Recovery Girl advised, handing the vial to Naomasa and nodding as he tucked the vial into his breast pocket, “I doubt All Might wants his blood drawn again any time soon.”

Toshinori snorted and grinned, rubbing the small bandage, “No, thank you.”

Smiling softly, Naomasa gently pat his breast pocket, “I’ll take care of it.”

A small movement by the supply closet caught Toshinori’s attention.

Isamu was up and about, helping reorganize Recovery Girl’s medical supplies. No longer wearing a hospital gown and shorts and aside from the small dark circles still lining his eyes, he moved around with ease in a casual t-shirt and slacks.

He’s in good spirits, Toshinori thought, watching Isamu carefully stack boxes along the back shelf.

“Isamu, dear,” Recovery Girl called out.

Isamu looked up from his stack of latex-free glove boxes, “Yes?”

“I think Detective Tsukauchi is just about ready for you,” Recovery Girl said softly.  

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Control - Chapter One

Starting Line 

Cowritten and Proofread by @aoimikans

Izuku pinched his lip in thought, nervously twirling his pencil in his other hand. His attention not on his finished quiz lying on his desk but on the classroom door.

All Might…

Four days and Izuku hadn’t been able to visit him once. School work, training, and Aizawa-sensei’s cautionary warning to not bring undue attention to Recovery Girl’s infirmary prevented him.

“All Might needs his rest, and you need to focus on your studies,” the erasing hero stated, keeping Izuku after class on Monday, “All Might will bounce back just fine without students’ hovering.”

Despite Aizawa’s own brand of reassurance, Izuku could not help worrying.

His gaze slid from the door to Bakugou’s back in front of him. Izuku furrowed his brows thoughtfully.

Hands in his pockets, Bakugou leaned back in his seat. His shoulders were stiff, irritation and unspoken frustration boiling under the surface. He knew, of course…

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Catalyst - Chapter Five

Second Chances

Cowritten and Proofread by @aoimikans

The new hideout was cold, damp, and industrial. Pipes lined the underground walls. Somewhere water dripped into a puddle, the sound echoing everywhere at once over the low hum of portable generators. Naked lightbulbs hung from the high ceiling on thin wires. The occasionally flickering light barely reached the concrete floor, nevermind the dark corners of the chamber.

Kurogiri glanced up with irritation as a water droplet struck the back of his neck. A part of him missed the old, run-down bar. Useless sentimentality. The bar was long since destroyed by All Might. Whatever remained was likely still swarming with police forces searching for any sign of the League of Villains, any clue to lead them to Tomura Shigaraki, but they would find nothing.

Kurogiri found this place long ago. A suitable emergency hideaway, if circumstances called for it. With Sensei and himself watching over Shigaraki, Kurogiri did not expect to use it. Then Shigaraki had deemed that Bakugou child valuable, and the heroes came for him, for them. That disaster cost them the noumu and so many allies. That disaster cost them Sensei.

Where else could Kurogiri take Shigaraki in such a vulnerable state?

Then Shigaraki surprised him. The young man had licked his wounds, burned with quiet rage, and moved forward. Kurogiri felt his growth. Shigaraki was more calculated, more independent. He started playing the long game. Waiting, watching as the world grew chaotic, Shigaraki gathered allies in the shadows and cultivated his web of informants.  

Then came the news of Sensei’s escape.

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Catalyst - Chapter One

The Return

Cowritten and Proofread by @aoimikans

Five hundred meters.

The fall morning was bright, crisp, and quiet. Wind whipped through Izuku Midoriya’s hair, cool but not cold enough to sting his lungs as he picked up speed. His feet pounded against the track and arms pumped at his sides. His muscles burned but nowhere near their limit. Izuku grinned.

Four hundred meters.

The spark in his chest flared, and he activated One for All: Full Cowl. Power darted across his skin and warmed him from the inside out. He felt lighter, the ground softer, the distance shorter, his mind at ease. He ran.  

Two hundred meters.

Izuku pushed himself. Seven percent. Eight percent. Nine -

He hissed at the pull at his tendons. One for All fizzled out as he slowed to a jog, then a walk. His legs throbbed, just on the edge of strain. Nothing he couldn’t shake off.

Not quite sturdy enough for nine percent yet, Izuku thought with a thoughtful frown. He shook his head, One hundred meters cool down. Then stretch. Maybe tomorrow…

Izuku walked the rest of the loop. The pounding of his heart and breathing slowed as he turned along the last curve toward his belongings. He glanced up and halted midstep.

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Catalyst - Chapter Six

Little Discoveries

Cowritten and Proofread by @aoimikans

It was a dull itch that pulled Toshinori from his deep sleep. It flared along his spine, tingling and making his back twitch in irritation. Groggily rolling onto his back, he huffed and thumped his tail in discomfort when his spikes pressed into the mattress, keeping him from lying flat. He groaned sleepily as he stretched his legs and, wiggling his shoulders, scratched his spikes against the bed.

“Ah! All Might, you shouldn’t do that!” he heard Isamu whisper urgently.

Toshinori stilled and sat up with a grunt. Yawning widely, he reached up and scratched at the back of his neck. He frowned. The muted sensation of the velvet was numbed and the itch only worsened as he scratched.

“All Might,” Isamu called softly.

“Hm?” Toshinori blinked sleepily.

The room was lit by the soft light of early morning. A slight chill in the air made Toshinori’s hackles raise and goosebumps spread down his arms. He rubbed at his forearms and looked over to Isamu.  

The young nurse sat cross-legged on his bed, and an open book rested on his lap. He smiled and raised a finger to his lips, pointing to the side of the retired hero’s bed.

Toshinori’s ears perked, and he glanced downward. A small smile lit up his face, and he chuckled softly. Recovery Girl sat in her chair at his side, laying her head and arms against the bed in sleep. Toshinori collected his blanket up and gently draped it over her shoulders. He smiled and gave the bed a satisfied tap with his tail as he tucked the blanket corners under her arms.

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Canvas - Chapter Six

Breaking Point

Cowritten and Proofread by @aoimikans

Toshinori distantly felt hands grip his shoulders, lifting him off the floor and gently laying his head on something soft. The back of his head and neck throbbed and sent spikes of nausea into his gut. A noise, high and loud, rang in his ears.  

“-ight? All M–ht? C– you –en your eyes for me?”

Toshinori winced away from the too loud voice, head pressing back against the soft surface. Another throb pressed like a vice against his skull and forced a groan from his lips.

Hurts! Claws gripped at tile and air.

Blood surged up his throat, and he choked.

The gentle grip pulled Toshinori’s shoulder up and rolled him on his side. He coughed, body shaking under the force of his hacking until his lung was clear of the bloody congestion. He gasped miserably, waves of fatigue crashing through him and leaving him trembling.

“That’s it. Get that out of your system,” the voice above him was soft, as was the hand that rubbed circles on his back. “I need you to open your eyes for me, alright?”

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Catalyst - Chapter Three

Holding On

Cowritten and Proofread by @aoimikans

Rishi General Hospital was old, originally built before the first quirk appeared. Its state-of-the-art facilities and role as a teaching hospital for the nearby medical school brought in patients and students from across Japan. It quickly grew as it kept pace with the ever-changing nature of humanity. The multiple interconnected medical buildings, pristine landscaping, and parking lots spanned across two whole city blocks.

On the southwest corner stood the original building, squat in comparison to its surroundings at only three floors high. Under the gray sky, the faded brick walls and cracked paint around the windows gave the building the aura of something forgotten. A plain sign hung above the first floor door that simply read: “Storage.”

Naomasa climbed out of his car, raising his badge as he passed the police blockade. Lights flashed from the squad cars lining the road, and a cold wind rustled the police tape surrounding the storage building. A small, scattered crowd gathered along the outside of the barrier, the majority of them wearing scrubs. Nurses and doctors glanced around, speaking to each other in low voices and shrugs.

A group of officers and a couple forensic techs, tool cases in hand, gathered by a short stairwell. Two officers emerged, climbing up the stairs. Between them was a small woman, her head held high and thin lips pursed in a defiant frown despite her ragged appearance. She wore pale pink scrubs and her silvery hair fell from her disheveled bun in flyaway strands. There was a nasty, purple bruise on her temple.

Naomasa watched them pass, spotting the specialized plastic cuffs pinning the woman’s arms behind her back.  

“Sansa,” Naomasa called out.

Officer Tamakawa’s ears swiveled back, and he turned. After a brief greeting, Sansa led Naomasa down the stairs.

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Catalyst - Chapter Two

Connecting the Dots

Cowritten and Proofread by @aoimikans

Toshinori’s ears twitched when two medical droids entered the office. He set aside the warm mug of tea Aizawa gave him, watching as they rolled into the room.

“Start prepping for surgery,” Recovery Girl ordered the droids as she rounded Isamu’s bed. They each responded with a mechanical “Yes Ma’am” and “I know.”

Recovery Girl suddenly shoved a couple towels into Toshinori’s arms. He blinked in surprise, carefully holding the folded towels to his chest.

“I need the three of you out,” Recovery Girl stated. “I can’t operate until the droids sanitize the space, and before I examine you,” she prodded Toshinori’s thigh with her cane, “you desperately need a bath.”

“If you two want to help,” she pointed her cane at Aizawa and Izuku, “get him to the room next door. The showers in there are for patients and have benches to accommodate the sick and injured. Eraserhead, if you would, find All Might a fresh change of clothes. And Midoriya, it would be best if All Might didn’t fall. Look after him.”

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Control - Chapter Four

On Track

Cowritten and Proofread by @aoimikans

“William Howard Wright,” he flashed his pass to the evidence technician, “I need the Yagi-Rishi case files and evidence.”

The young evidence technician adjusted her large, round glasses and squinted at the pass. After a moment of consideration, she nodded and pressed the lock release with a polite smile.

The lock clicked with a loud buzz, and William yanked the heavy door open.

“Noriko Shuuka,” the technician introduced herself, bowing slightly. Her shoulder-length, tightly curled brown hair bobbed about her face, “You’re with the visiting team?”

“I am,” William echoed her bow.

“I figured,” she said, “You all are the talk of the precinct.”

“Oh?” William quirked an eyebrow at the small young woman. “Do I want to know?”

“It’s not that interesting,” Shuuka deadpanned with a shrug. “We just don’t get international teams often, and people enjoy a fresh conversation topic.”

William huffed but smiled politely. His quirk, Aura Sight, pulsed pleasantly at the back of his eyes. The black aura of truth overlaying the image of the woman remained constant.

A refreshingly honest person, he thought as he followed behind her.

“Just over here,” Shuuka said, turning around the last set of shelves, “Yagi… Yagi.. Ya- Ah, here.” She reached up, standing on her tiptoes, and pulled down a white, cardboard box. Something metallic inside rattled.

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