so in golion their names were metals and I kinda wish they would’ve kept them

Why Shiro Is Lance's Hero

I’m sure most Voltron fans know by now that in the original Voltron in the 80’s, Shiro died. But do you remember the circumstances in which he lost his life?

Lance was targeted by Haggar the witch, who was trying to capture him in a magic net. (If she wanted him dead, then why didn’t she just…zap him? Eh, plot.)

So Shiro frees Lance, who runs off to fetch Keith. In the meantime, Shiro fights against Haggar, but then gets bludgeoned on the back of the head by a Beastman that had tagged along. Lance and Keith return to find a bloody Shiro on the ground, and he dies in their arms.

In summary, Shiro died right after saving Lance’s life. Now let’s fast-forward to the modern era.

But it doesn’t end here. Take a look at the scene where Lance and Shiro are formally introduced to each other.

Shiro says he’s going to thank all of them for saving him, but then specifically targets Lance. LOOK AT LANCE’S FACE. It’s like he’s payed back the favor from another life, but this time no one had to die.