So much of it is the basest sort of internet trolldom now amplified through the corridors of human power constructions and I sympathize with this position. I still leave room for the sort of praxis/compassion/action that is extricated from the simulacrums that have birthed this monstrosity, and even to be bemused/disgusted/angered by it all. Still, that aftertaste of bile when one reacts and spills words/energy about it all…

We’re in a world where the trolls have become amphibious. Frogs that desire a new Pharaoh/despot. I can’t imagine a more inverse and perfidious phenomenon. 
I remember back in 2011, when loads of friends were optimistic about the future, enthusiastically hitting the streets, thinking they could bring a lethal blow to the status quo. 
But I was ambivalent at the time. Not going to pretend it was because of some sort of superior political/sociological insight. But I documented this intuition. I could feel a nameless evil lurk around the area after the protests and direct action sessions had set. In the lobbies of official buildings, as well as the rotten alleyways a few blocks further away. I think some of my dreams I’ve written on here foreshadowed this interloper.
One should tread carefully in the face of it, but not be pacifist either. Words are becoming increasingly weaker in order to bind this… thing. Our day-to-day interactions are one sensible and powerful ritual that can do shitloads to not get heisted by this thing; to transcend this divisiveness that’s starting to get an omnipresent voice. With such a protective field, we can, maybe, work from there to do more. We can keep our sanity that way. Or else this gig will know a Lovecraftian ending with no protagonists left.

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“the herb garden” - hallucinogen

from mystery of the yeti 2


isamizdat replied to your post “Playing with the idea of modifying my name on my resume because it…”

People are fools.

dawnavis replied to your post “Playing with the idea of modifying my name on my resume because it…”

Ugh, people suck. I’m sorry you’re even having to consider this.

Yeah it’s pretty ridiculous that anyone should consider it. And like, at least with my name you could deduce that I’m white and it’s still a fairly common name so I’m still at an advantage. The fact that people are turned down for jobs or housing or loans or any slew of things because of their names is infuriating.

thine oak.

this piece goes out to everyone who helped me in large & small ways with regards to my most recent large endeavor. from encouragement & “liking” to advice and other forms of support, it all helped. and–i got the job. this is a big deal. i’ll now be using my degree, making better cheddar, more involved in the community in which i live, and my office is an easy walk from my apartment.

thank you.




king tubby- ‘soundbuy massacre.’

for isamzidat, currently missing in action but not forgotten.
semper nihil, brother. 

isamizdat replied to your post: because you can’t handle them. because drugs like DMT, LSD and even marijauna show you things in your heart and mind that you have buried and denied. that show you to yourself. you do not know yourself at all. pity.

You know that time I posted about King Kong snapping open T-Rex’s jaw? Same thing here. Fuck a fucking reactionary messianic hippie psychedelic fucker.

just some bullshit solipsistic sense of entitlement when them fuckers ain’t know either of us.
love and solidarity.