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“the herb garden” - hallucinogen

from mystery of the yeti 2


isamizdat replied to your post “Playing with the idea of modifying my name on my resume because it…”

People are fools.

dawnavis replied to your post “Playing with the idea of modifying my name on my resume because it…”

Ugh, people suck. I’m sorry you’re even having to consider this.

Yeah it’s pretty ridiculous that anyone should consider it. And like, at least with my name you could deduce that I’m white and it’s still a fairly common name so I’m still at an advantage. The fact that people are turned down for jobs or housing or loans or any slew of things because of their names is infuriating.

thine oak.

this piece goes out to everyone who helped me in large & small ways with regards to my most recent large endeavor. from encouragement & “liking” to advice and other forms of support, it all helped. and–i got the job. this is a big deal. i’ll now be using my degree, making better cheddar, more involved in the community in which i live, and my office is an easy walk from my apartment.

thank you.



otherworld, soon to be a kvlt marx fable.

heksenhaus answered your question: gen-x help

i do remember! it was ‘otherworld,’ i think.

yay!!! thank you!!!

it was otherworld.

and complete episodes (all 8 of them) can be found here.

i still randomly get the theme song stuck in my head (i engaged in the not-difficult task of figuring it out on the piano, back then).

effusionofbiopower replied to your post: gen-x help

i’ve never seen it, but i feel like you, me, heksenhaus & digpig should all team up to re-write it….

originally, i was going to flippantly agree and laugh it off.

and then i started thinking about it seriously.

i’m having quite nefarious notions regarding this idea.

we’ll need further assistance, as well, namely from aghostinthelatrine & isamizdat, if everyone’s game.


king tubby- ‘soundbuy massacre.’

for isamzidat, currently missing in action but not forgotten.
semper nihil, brother. 

isamizdat replied to your post: tech

I have not taken advantage but Rushkoff keeps plugging courses like these: (maybe too basic though?)

third time codecademy has come up. shall be going in that direction first. plus the raspberry pi manual. basic is good, as the last time i did any programming was in BASIC. rushkoff is the reason i’d been toying with the idea of learning to code a bit. just needed something a little more personal & specific for the motivation. thanks! (and thanks to the others who’ve replied.)

isamizdat replied to your post: because you can’t handle them. because drugs like DMT, LSD and even marijauna show you things in your heart and mind that you have buried and denied. that show you to yourself. you do not know yourself at all. pity.

You know that time I posted about King Kong snapping open T-Rex’s jaw? Same thing here. Fuck a fucking reactionary messianic hippie psychedelic fucker.

just some bullshit solipsistic sense of entitlement when them fuckers ain’t know either of us.
love and solidarity.