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Snk Read Through - An Analyze : Marco.

At the beginning of manga, Marco was just an ordinary side character. A good soldier, a reliable friend. He was not drawing ours, reader’s, attention that much. His admires his King like most of the common people and also Military Police like Djel Sannes does. That is what Marco represents: A perfect example King’s Subject. Common people. I wonder if he’d do same things as Djel Hannes did if he joined Military Police.

Marco is a martyr complex; he wants to join MP but he doesn’t mind giving all other points to his friends, he wants to serve the King and he doesn’t mind dying for his Kİng or future of humanity. Insert Isamaya’s evil laugh here. He reminds me all those soldiers we would have never heard of if they wouldn’t die at battle field in real life.

But are martyrs really natural leaders, or pawns? Martyrs don’t lead us, they are being remembered to inspire us.

It is an instinct for us, humans to gather around a shelter to protect ourselves. It is a natural instinct, we try to survive no matter the cost. Eren and other kids are also human and also has that instinct. Our huntress, Sasha, is the best example here because she mostly makes her moves with trusting her instincts. She wants to be in Marco’s squad to survive, like other kids. Except…


He is the logical person here. He knows a squad does not need a shelter, after that shelter gets ripped apart the whole squad is gonna die as well. A squad needs a leader that is going to survive and show them their way no matter what.

And also Marco sees that as well.

He starts to talk some sense but suddenly Isayama cuts his speech and shows us something else.

His death. 

As we saw Marco’s lifeless body laying down there, we fill with sympathy. We suddenly notice him like the way all those people notice their martyrs. We suddenly aware that Marco exists with his death.

And as pages that I am gonna return and analyze goes on, there is no sign of Marco’s speech. Isayama makes us wonder and crave the rest of his speech.

And we finally get to pages where dead bodies are being burned as Jean observes around with a pain in his heart.

Our hearts are burning with Marco as well.

And Isayama suddenly decides to show us rest of his speech.

Before his death, Marco was not even noticeable or likable compared to other characters but like a martyr, Marco inspired Jean with his death and found his place in our hearts. 

And Jean decided to join Survey Corps not because it was his wish, but his responsibility from now on.

But did Marco got his wish to serve the King? Did he died for the future of humanity or life of his friends?

He died because he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. He wished to die while saving his friends, in Isayama style humor, we may say this actually happened. But that was quite different from what he wished for. He didn’t become the martyr he wished to be, but he is a martyr in the end. A martyr, and a victim.

This has always been itching me. What would RBA do even if Marco talked with them? Let him go? I don’t think so. Would Marco compromise with them? That also seems unlikely to happen. Maybe Marco was trying to get an advantage so that he can go and tell others this information. He wanted to serve as a good soldier boy, but RBA took that chance away from him. He did not just die as  martyr but also a victim.

I want to make it clear that Titan Trio are also victims as well. All of our characters are the victims of a war that started long long, 2000 years long ago. None of them are guilty and also none of them are innocent but all of them are only victims. They are not enjoying killing people and such. The moment they did, is the moment they lost their humanity.

Chapter 6.

Chapter 48.

Chapter 56.

Chapter 59.

Chapter 76.

Chapter 77.

Chapter 77.

Chapter 81.

And the list goes on…

Please always remember this while you are enjoying the series!

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