isam prado

chiefbrownbottom  asked:

how do you go about structuring your drawings? i have a style but i don't know how to continue with different angles for my characters. i want to start animating soon and i think my drawings could really benefit from a smooth timeline.

hi! it’s all just shapes, just think about everything as a simple shape. a complex character is made up of more shapes stuck together. easy peasy! (is it..) 

pick up some clay 
make your characters
you could use these clay babies as reference, but it’s more about exercising your brain to think about how things are built 3-dimensionally

the fastest/most brutal way to get good at drawing is to draw… a comic.

drawing from life
draw the same object from 5 points of view
draw a human from 5 points of view

here are some artists that i think of when i think “3-dimensional characters”

Ariel ries - Witchy
AirFortress -
Hanna K -
Natasha Allegri -
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Isam Prado -

hope that’s helpful!