Obit of the Day: What Did He Do for a Klondike Bar?

Klondike bars, the chocolate covered ice cream squares, were a local favorite produced by Isaly’s dairy beginning in 1922. For over fifty years you would have to find an Isaly’s in Pennsylvania or Ohio to unwrap the silver foil imprinted with the familiar polar bear.

In 1978, Henry DeBrunner Clarke bought the Klondike Bar from the Isaly family and planned to expand production. (It was still called “Isaly’s Klondike Bar” as you can see in the advertisement above.) He first began selling the bars in his home state of Florida and then, in 1982, started a national campaign.

Mr. Clarke made the ice cream treat a success with the help of a new slogan and jingle: “What Would You Do for a Klondike Bar?” Sales rose from $800,000 under Isaly ownership to over $60 million a year. 

In 1993 the Klondike Bar was sold to the Unilever Corporation. Mr. Clarke was not involved in the sale since he was removed from his own company before that time.

Henry Clarke died on March 31, 2013 at the age of 79.

Sources: Greenwich Daily Voice, Isaly Family Website, Unilever’s Klondike Bar page, and Wikipedia

(Video of a 1983 Klondike Bar commercial with its famous jingle is courtesy of Video Archaeology on

One of my favourite pictures my friend @internet-cult-follower took at the Dodie and Andie gathering for three reasons

1. Look how fucking happy Andie looks while singing, makes me smile

2. They’re just perfectly looking at each other and I love it when people look at each other while singing

3. Dodie’s hair is literally the cutest, the rain got rid of the curls later on in the day but look how cute!

That is all, you may continue scrolling now


I had such a wonderful time at Dodie and Andie’s meetup yesterday! I spoke to Dean for a quite a while and we had a really interesting conversation. Andie gave me really good advice on how she does such funky covers (like, she was explaining the music theory I couldn’t have asked for a better answer bless her <3). I wasn’t able to speak to Dodie long (though I did have time to tell her she was amazing in Let It Be, which is true, you guys are in for a treat) but she was as lovely and friendly as ever. Got to speak to lots of new friends too I’m just very :) :) after this


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Met @doddleoddle today and she remembered me and my letters and I have her the book of art that people from tumblr sent me! She really loved the art and was super, super sweet! It was such a good day, sooooo much fun!

Also Andie dropped my sharpie in a puddle

Dean and my brother had an awkward handshake

And Steven bent a fork for me